Could it be that simple: a topical commentary?

Fifty Shades of Grey

I attempt to avoid “topical” commentary. Usually another opinion pours more petrol on already polarised positions. Debate and learning is never the objective on display: proving I am right and you are wrong, that My God is right and your god is an idol … that’s where it’s at baby!

So today I am reluctantly prompted to add one such observation. From a human level. Because I am a human. Along with billions of other humans sharing this same lovely place. And from a spiritual perspective. Because we are all connected to each other. And this righteous film fervour is so disconnecting. Disconnects “all of us” from all of us. And that is not loving. Is not the God I know and love.

Here are some “facts” about Fifty Shades of Grey: There are three sequential books in the series. I have read them all. It is a love story. As so often with fictional love stories – it is a fantasy. As so often with fantasies – most of us can distinguish that and real life. Fantasy is escapism. Some of us enjoy a bit of escapism.

I enjoyed all three books. I would read them again (but feel no need right now – which is true of most fantasy and escapism). And (for the same reason) I feel no need to see the film. Not because of “God”. But because it will be a film director / film producer/ film scriptwriter / film marketing / film actor’s interpretation – and that will have to fit the legalities and commercial realities of commercial film making. And that will impose of my escapism and fantasy.

And I would prefer they did not.

So what needles me in all of this is very simple: it is not what God does or does not think about all the hype (I have no idea). It is all the “usual expert quasi-loving-religious-biblical-godly” innuendo and noise. Which always disconnects. Which always reinforces the “nutter and hypocrite” image.

Because it advertises fear. Not Love.

Fear not Love – from those who would never “read such filth”. Never have, never will, never can (but are more than happy to tell me all about it). Fear not Love – from those compelled to protect me from something I do not fear (as if that was a compelling reason for anything at all). Fear not Love – with complete disdain for those who do not wish to be protected from their fear (which makes me feel very loved – not!).

Why the disdain – why the fear? Just what is there to be scared of?

That you might become horny? That I might become turned on? That me and my loving partner might just go home and try a few “new things” together? Become more intimate together? Maybe that you might be tempted to try a few silk ties? That you might be tempted to love? Tempted to become more intimate than you are comfortable with right now? Maybe you fear intimacy – in a way I do not.

Could it be that simple?

Because just how different is that from all those religious writings the world over (we mostly have never read, never would, never can) … all those writings you are very happy to tell me about … all those “other” wrong beliefs I need protection from … all the fear and danger in breaking down barriers … fear of letting “anyone in” … fear from those who need rules to keep out those who disagree … those who need my acceptance of their rules before letting me in …

Doesn’t that just give our Loving Father a bad name? Doesn’t that just distance Him from us – as well as “us” and “them” – and all of us and Him? Again!

So many “agains”!

So will someone please tell me just how that is so very different from those who buy-into all this commercial advertising and hype of Valentines Day “Fifty Shades of Grey Day”?

I am curious.


6 thoughts on “Could it be that simple: a topical commentary?

  1. This is definitely one viewpoint I have not seen on WP these past two days! Could it be that simple? I don’t know.
    I will say that fifty shades has certainly sparked discussion on both sides of the fence. Many “protesters” have been divisive, us versus them. God versus them.
    And there are probably just as many hypocrites holding tight to other media or vices not in the “lime light.” I have no answers but I’m okay with that 😉


    • Lilka, thank you for stopping by. And “I don’t know” makes two of us. Something makes me uncomfortable with all the noise. Particularly from those who openly claim never having read, touched, or seen this one – on both sides of the noise!

      Once again I have no answers. Just the questions. 🙂

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  2. Paul, love the way you simply put it out there. Fear will always divide. Fear will always “pour more petrol on already polarised positions. Debate and learning is never the objective on display: proving I am right and you are wrong” is the objective of fear. Fear does not embrace – it clings menacingly to false doctrine as a drowning man clings in panic to the lifeguard trying to save him.

    It is only in surrender and trust we experience love and grace and a transformative way of thinking.


    • Susan, thank you. I am not a fan of these pieces, and have no idea why He nudges from time to time.
      Maybe nor is He – of people who never have, never will, never could – the answers remain His not mine. But “fear” seems to be where He has parked me of late. Does He do that you? Looking back it is like visiting each ride in a funfair. Definitely a journey. And a very big funfair!! 🙂
      And I have to tell you (again?) that you write such lovely pictures with your words. They astound me. One short sentence here: the drowning man and the lifeguard – now that is relationship of the desperate kind! And now I have a whole film running off that back of that image!!
      Thank you again – I love it when you stop by! 🙂


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