Sinning is in our DNA. Thank God!

a) A small devotional: “”I am free.” When I look at these words in writing they seem to create in me a feeling of awe. Yes, a wonderful feeling of freedom. Thank You, God.”

b) Today’s verses: “The Pharisees came and began to argue with Jesus, asking him for a sign from heaven, to test him. And he sighed deeply in his spirit and said, “Why does this generation ask for a sign? Truly I tell you, no sign will be given to this generation.” And he left them, and getting into the boat again, he went across to the other side.” Mark 8:11-13

c) And a WHAM verse: “Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’” Matthew 4:7

For some time now something has been “itching”. That persistent God Itch. When words of Man and words of God seem out of whack. When the Lord seems to be playing second fiddle to our interpretation. It is this blanket belief: “We are all sinners. We cannot help sinning. Sinning is in our DNA. Sin is what we are. Thank God for God!!”

* I am FREE!!!

To sin without any choice in the matter? To be “not free” at all? Where is the love in that point of view – that interpretation? “It was the Garden wot done it – Adam and Eve and all that – not my fault – they messed with my DNA – can’t help myself you see – gotta keep sinning – no choice in the matter. Don’t blame me guv – He doesn’t – He told me: “You are forgiven past present and future!””

* “Why does this generation ask for a sign?”

* “Do not put the Lord you God to the test”

How often do we choose to put God to the test? So many variations of: “If God is so powerful and loving – why does He allow (a very long list of disasters, traumas, illnesses, man’s inhumanity to man, bad things, in fact anything less than perfection)? Because if He fixed all that … then I could believe in Him.”

And I have wondered if there is an unsaid element in all of that: “… go on Lord – do it! Show us you can. Help us them believe You care – just like we tell them You do.”


A small devotional: “”I am free.” When I look at these words in writing they seem to create in me a feeling of awe. Yes, a wonderful feeling of freedom. Thank You, God.”

And in this great freedom – just what is it “we will allow” today – who will we allow – how will we allow? And why.

A blanket belief: “We are all sinners. We cannot help sinning. Sinning is in our DNA. Sin is what we are. Thank God for God!!”

That still itches. Because it might “be interpreted” as another “test” … one that we “freely allow” …



9 thoughts on “Sinning is in our DNA. Thank God!

  1. I still ponder often as to why we will be punished for the same sin we had no idea was imprinted in us until we discover the ‘normal’ way of life is a sinful way of life.

    • Diiwanna – What a wonderful question! I find I can do questions, just – so often – not the answers. I wonder about “imprinting” (what a lovely description), I wonder about a lot of God Stuff – just as I wonder about those who do not “ponder”.
      If you have any more ponders you want to share – now that would be a precious gift!!
      Thank you!

      • I have a truckload of stuff I ponder on. There’s the unknown reason why God allows suffering. Speaking of which, why would a loving God send a 9 year old kid who just stole from the freezer, a pickpocket or a Casanova to the same place as a mass murderer?
        There’s also the question of why he put the Tree of Good and Evil in the midst of the Garden of Eden when must have known it would cause all the problems in the world.

      • Good morning D – and more great questions. Thank you! 🙂

        The odd thing in my own walk of faith is that more and more the answers become less needful, so long as my questions can keep filling the “truck”.

        Suffering and that great “Why?” – all mixed up with what is suffering: to some it seems a necessary prick, to some a teaching class, and to others an unasked for trauma – and every shade of opinion in between. Then what is “Sin?” and that great work of definition: the same range of opinions on that one as well. And then the Garden – for some imagery, for others literal.

        Why are the answers less important for me? Only because once I settle on “the one and only answer” I stop listening. And when I stop listening I stop asking. And – for me – that is the route to my version of “god” – not the God I have come to know and love. It gets in the way of me seeing and hearing others – it isolates me rather than draws me closer. And I am not sure God really wants us to wander around so convinced of the “Big Questions” that we spend our lives defending the personl apinions we prefer to label unshakable belief.

  2. Paul,
    Sinners…by nature AND choice. I mean, we don’t have to teach children to lie or be selfish; we actually have to teach them not to be those things..that shows the fact that we sin by nature, as part of who we are.

    On the other hand, we sin willingly by choice even once we know these things are wrong.

    Either way, but nature or by choice, or by some combination of the two…the penalty is due..and “the wages of sin is death.” Sounds grim and harsh, and to some unfair. Not really though, especially since that penalty has already been paid by Jesus Christ. We don’t have to pay it; we just have to accept the payment that was made for us.

    • Wally – thank you. What fascinates me is that when some of the foundation stones are bounced upon, the range of answers and thoughts is breath-taking. It always sparks other thoughts, other questions. And the beauty is that (in my own way of seeing this “relationship stuff”) I don’t see Him discouraging different thoughts and answers. Because no matter the angle – the Source always seems to be the same.

      As you say so wonderfully: “We don’t have to pay for it; just have to accept the payment was made for us.”

  3. This morning God was talking with me about the freedom to run free in the field He had now given me. My immediate response was fear I would mess it up if I started running. He said I was no longer like a horse who had to be controlled by a bit and bridle, but that I walked holding His hand and that as I run in freedom He’s not letting go. He also told me there were wolves at the edge of the field. Some easy to spot as they snarl and try to make me afraid, but others dressed in sheep’s clothing that would desire to lead me astray. He promised to gently wrap His right arm around me and led me to safety if I got too close to the edge, drawn a place He wasn’t taking me. Earlier today I read that we avoid sin by seeking to be in alignment with HIS Spirit. I think it is the same concept. When focused on HIM and His love, asking Him to keep me in aligned with His plan, He is helping me live in the freedom of HIS ways, free in my focus on His face. It’s when I dwell on failure and sin, when I forget grace, that sin grips tighter.

    • Paula – your words touch me very deeply. A whole conversation shared – and that is so precious! Thank you!!
      Little Monk used that word – alignment – slightly differently, but in the same way. “Realign” is a word I am coming to love. And He doesn’t do the aligning and realigning – we do when we “focus on Him”.
      That word is such a gentle word.

      Full of love.
      Full of “if we allow”
      Full of freedom
      Full of choice.

      Fractions not feet – unless we allow!
      Constant and together.
      Nudging and nestling.
      Aligned and realigned

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