Walking together

“Forgiveness” forgive forgiving forgave forgives.

(Random conversation.
As you do
While doing stuff through the day)

Us: “Doesn’t that sound a lot like – “Before Giveness”?”
Us: “That word forgive equals the sum of giving before you need to?”
Us: “Yeah. Kind of … someone invented that word “forgiveness” … “
Us: ” … and it maybe came from “giving and before” and not from “having to” afterwards?”
Us: “Absolutely!”
Us: “Might be on to something there …”
Us: “It’s a cool thought – giving before you “have to” …”

Us: ” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ”

Us: “Isn’t that a neat thought!”
Us: “Yeah that is really neat!”

Us: “High five?”
Us: “High Five!!”

Forgiving: “Before Giving” is needed or asked or invited.

Have a great day!!



15 thoughts on “Walking together

  1. Liking this, Paul…

    Here’s a related thought… (a non-herded kitten that jumped on and tumbled with yours as it dashed by)…

    Didja know, that if you want to avoid one instance of “forgiveness” altogether… just like our minds can “move through time”, as consciousness flows into past or present… We have the power to “bend time” as well?

    Example: Let’s say you discover that someone has stolen something from you, and you even know who it was, but you can’t do anything really about it…. You feel angry and violated… You feel offended… and now, *sigh*… we have this burden, this “job”, this Jesus-assigned “task” of forgiving so that the Father forgives us, right?

    Well, watch this… It’s like magic. We can use our minds inside ourselves, move to “the Past” where that person admired the item, resolve to make it “gift” to them, foregoing our sense of “ownership” over the item, and resolve (decide, determine, intend) simply to “get it to them at earliest opportunity”.

    NOW, return in the consciousness, the mind, to the “Present”, and the former “thief” is now simply the “recipient of gift” who has “picked it up” without our having to bother with delivery! Voila!! Nothing to “forgive”, only thanks for the convenience! Incredible, isn’t it?

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Any problems with that?

    What? “Justice and fairness”… “That’s not fair!?” Well, as to ourselves, “grace” isn’t fair, the forgiveness we seek from God and from others when we offend them isn’t “fair”… that’s what makes it “grace” and “gift”.

    What else? “What about the other guy’s sin? What about them and God?” Well, what about it? What’s that got to do with me? That’s between them and God, indeed. God doesn’t need my input or my “mad” to continue to grow them in spiritual maturity, charity, love, or conscience. My being upset about my own “loss” isn’t going to bless them in any way towards their own maturation and responsibility. They probably won’t even know about my rancor, it will only harm me, not them.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Anyway, just thought of this little gem as I read your post. Thought you might like it, too.

    Grace — LM

    PS, we may not be Gallifreyan, or have cool blue Police Boxes bigger on the inside than out… but God’s Image-ness and that free flowing consciousness thing DOES allow us to travel through time at will. Yes, dwelling in past or future has its dangers… but a quick trip now and then for purposes of grace is entirely healthy, in my experience! Cheers — LM

    • “Yes, dwelling in past or future has its dangers… but a quick trip now and then for purposes of grace is entirely healthy, in my experience!”

      Your words reminded me of a period of NeuroLinguisticProgramming, NLP, I enjoyed some years back. And how the mind is a wonderfully inconsistent thing. How the past (and future) can be “photoshopped”. Pain and the endless loop of that pain, the linkage to that pain by other memories/sounds/scents/noises can be photoshopped. The phrase I hear so often: “That’s just me – that’s who I am” always said with a finality – a “rigor mortis” sense about that belief. Never the curiosity: “how do I photoshop me?” – never the admission that our mind is as flexible as a contortionist when we wish.

      Your cat bounds and resonates. I have not done that consciously. But I recall at least one occasion when I did that “intuitively” – and very much for self-protection and sanity. Comes back to “love for me” – of “self” as much as for others.

      As Don commented: this stuff is good for us – not just good for God and all that stuff! Let’s hear it for times travel, because I think we all do it. We just don’t admit it: those hours that flashed by in seconds/minutes during a brilliant performance … or an evening with a loved one … the turgid “hours” of watching a second hand tick-tock its seconds slowly down … God o’clock when the impossible not only becomes possible – but usually with a few baskets left over as well!

      Just for purposes of grace? Just occasionally? I vouch thou art miserly in thy gift of this hourglass, my dear LM!


  2. we don’t truly know how wonderful forgiveness can be until we actually try it…..it’s like the feeling we get knowing God has forgiven us – multiplied into infinity! πŸ™‚

    • PP – thank you for that wonderful addition! “Until we actually try it …” so often the cry for not trying – “doing what we always did and getting what we always dud!” Safe. And limiting.

  3. Great word to ponder Paul. I have come to believe that forgiveness benefits the forgiver more than the one who caused us to have to forgive.. Not too long ago I had coffee with an old friend who I lived with in my younger years. I hadn’t seen or spoke to him in over 30 years. There was a conversation we had way back that haunted me everytime I thought about it.

    When we had coffee I told him I wanted to get something off my chest, I told him the incident and when I thought about it over the years really made me feel bad. I apologized knowing how much it had hurt him. Of course he forgave me but told me he had no idea what I was talking about. My forgiveness meant nothing in the overall scheme of his life but to me it was a day of freedom from this event that hung over my head all these years. Go figure.

    Great thoughts Paul. Now I have to learn to forgive myself. Ha

    • Sammy – WOW! As I was reading this something huge came in like a tidal wave. The image of God as your friend (and each of us), and you as all of us. My images get a little “makes sense to me” a lot of the time!! How we gnash our teeth, hang on to something we have done/had done to us – sometimes for many years. Always it is there inside. Always a grit of sand. Always. A cocktail of I have hurt, I have been hurt, I did wrong, wrong has been done to me – and every variation our individual real life and living brings.

      And finally we disgorge this irritant. This HUGE part of us we are “giving up”. Sometimes for another, on behalf of another, for ourselves, in ourselves, for another (and every variation …. ) – and then find the “other” is not quite sure what we are talking about – but simply happy that we feel so much better! I see “God” in that. I see so much in that.

      “… freedom from this event that hung over my head all these years.”

      In one wonderful comment you have “freed” me from a lot of mixed confusion over forgiveness. I understand the concept and practicality – can describes the emotion and motivation – but never saw “the essence” of how it all works. Until now. Thank you!!

  4. MIND BLOWN! We can call it whatever we want – psychology, cognitive science – the bottom line is the ability to forgive is a transformation of the heart and mind, and comes from the Source. We are unable to do it on our own. This traveling back that you and LM write about are unique pathways He uses to rewire us, to allow us to see as He sees when we let Him in, when we are ready to let go. So are those He puts in our path at the right and perfect time.

    He ministers to each of us in a way that we can hear, see, understand. More evidence of how expansive His love is for us. WOW!

    • ” … a transformation of the heart and mind, and comes from the Source.”
      And the source is … Love. For what else is all of the labels we give the “unique pathways He uses to rewire us” other than love?
      Susan, the more he guides me to different “soundbites” – the more it is like looking at Love and the barnacles and fluff and dust we allow to accumulate in our “love” – the more the source is love and love is the source.
      Fear: love. Mind blowing: love. Forgiveness: love. Fellowship: love. Discipling: love. Relationship: love – the list just keeps getting longer and longer.

      And one thought: “More evidence of how expansive His love is for us.” – and this is a “pop up” as I was writing this (so if it is off-key please don’t even try to sing along) – I am Love. And we spend a lifetime being so blown away that “He Loves Us” – that we might even miss that “We Are Love” – we might miss that Love is it. All there is. because maybe if “I Am” is Love and I am love – then it all becomes One without the awe and splendour and fear and machinations of toe-nail worship.

      (and what would that do to the hierarchy and institutions and rituals built up and refined and honed over the year)

  5. “Giving before you have to…” Sounds like God!

    I think the trouble we have with grace is the fact that it’s supposed to go both ways. We’re all about receiving part and giving grace to people when they deserve it. Haha…

    But this for-giving…ah! That’s grace. I love the way think! Blessings.

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