Fishers of Men

Thank you my fellow pisceans for joining together here today. We live in times of great woe. Our brethren are taken from us without warning, our world is becoming more and more polluted, we see our world rise and fall, the currents of doom racing down each channel – and then the droughts – those increasing times when the world simply shrinks – and we with it! Be strong of scale and stout of fin! Pisces warned of the end times – but the end times these may be or be not.

So let us turn to today’s topic – Heaven or Hell?

For those who live carelessly, who fornicate, who live the life of a glutton, who live for today without a care for tomorrow, who sell their scales for the price of the next worm … we see them all around us! Shoals of them here, shoals of them there! Hanging around the dark weeds, endlessly sucking at the mouldy leafage. Their numbers are increasing. How are we to reach them? How do we save them?

We know their future is Hell. We know they will go up to the fiery pit. We know they will live for eternity in pain and anguish on the banks and shores. We see the hooks … we see the nets … we see and know what they do not. We have listened to Pisces – “there is no such thing as a free maggot”!! All of us here today know the wisdom of staying close to the still waters that run deep. We gather together away from the light. We fight the temptation of high water. We resist the lust for those free flies and floating delights above. Yet we see our brethren succumb. And we see our brethren taken.

We see them go to the fiery pit above.

I tell you now my brothers and sisters – there is a Hell – that is their Hell – and that could be our Hell too but for the grace of the Great Pisces! I see and I know it. You see and you know it too! Up above. There in the light. Where eternal anguish awaits.

So let us keep to the darkness. Let us stay in the deep. Let us support each other to avoid these temptations.

And let us reach out to those who swim above, those who wish for the light on their gills, those who know not that which we here know to be true. Let us bring them to the deep. Let us bring them to the gloom. Let us go out to all the great rivers and far seas – let us inhabit the streams and the tributaries. Let us take the Good News. Let us do what our Great Piscean commanded us. Let us move within the waters and bring Him to them.

Thank you. Let us now quietly blow bubbles together …

As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” At once they left their nets and followed him. Matthew 4:18-20

As Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” At once they left their nets and followed him. Mark 1:16-18

When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees and said, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!” For he and all his companions were astonished at the catch of fish they had taken, and so were James and John, the sons of Zebedee, Simon’s partners. Then Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.” So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him. Luke 5:8-11

I have often wondered what “the fish” feel about being saved.


22 thoughts on “Fishers of Men

  1. You are on fire!!! (uh, in a good way not a hell way!)
    If we are fishers of men do we provide an example of light and love or do we bind them lifelessly in OUR religious net suffocating the life out of them…

  2. I started off reading this feeling confused. I was thinking of my Dad as it is the anniversary of his birth today. Your sentence at the end and Lilka’s comment above (which I like) suddenly helped me to “get it” and I read it again, laughing! Julia

    • Julia –
      I always love seeing a birthday remembered ((hug))
      And thank you for the comment. Having posted it – I scanned it a couple of times wondering if it made clear what was in my head when I wrote it!! You have cheered me up tremendously!!
      (and happy birthday to your father – hope you have a happy and loving memory filled day)

  3. In our women’s small group at church yesterday, we talked about being reflectors- reflecting His light…as I read your post, I pictured all of us swimming in the sea, His light reflecting off of our scales (like prisms!!) shining towards the lost fish who don’t know what direction to swim. You paint beautiful pictures with your words 🙂

  4. Last night around 11:00pm a small group of us men met to pray. Part of our prayers and discussion prior to praying was the growth in the church we attended. We had just built on because of growth and we were already out of room again. This lead to the discussion that what good does it do for folks to come to church if all they receive is a Sunday morning message and possibly for the small number that do a visit to Sunday school. Well its better than nothing some might say. Our hearts were leading us to ask God what do we do with theses people you have sent. A lot of these folks just want the SUNDAY MORNING EXPERIENCE . We know better. God wants them to be fishers of men and women and children. That they to would reach the lost (fish) that all would be saved. We all agreed that this was history repeating itself in our church as it had all over the world in other churches. God sends them we let them loose without making disciples out of them. Well there is not enough paper in this computer for the discussion that came along with us. We came up with a answer for now. Pray and get busy talking to and developing relationships and encouraging these people . Go and make some new friends with some people we don’t know at don’t think we have something in common with. Go love some folks honestly and be real. Paul this is just the issue in the church. Can you imagine the issue thats in the world, We need fisher of men to reach the lost. On fire for God. How can anyone be a Christian and not weep for the lost is beyond me. I will close now this is your blog and I have highjacked it with my heart. Fishers of men indeed. Well said Paul well said.Lets get a heart for the lost.

    Much Love Tom

    • “God sends them we let them loose without making disciples out of them.”

      Tom, please never give a thought to the length of your words nor “highjacking” anything whatsoever. Reading more than a few words makes my heart sing for the fellowship, the conversation and the sharing – always!!

      I see so much the same as you talk here – fill the seats. Period. It is why I love reading about your groups and your discussions and your prayers. Discipling each other – growing together – guiding each other – learning of and in the Lord!! YAY and YAY again!

      As I was writing this I was aware how many different types of fish there are – not just in size, but in colour, shape and name. How would all the different fish gather in the same place? Wouldn’t the big ones eat the little ones? And yet … that is true of us sophisticated humans too! How will we all get on in the same place?

      If we are growing in the Lord together … beautifully! If not? Then we all know the answer.

    • I love your thinking, Tom. The church I am a member of spends money it does not have on buildings and hasn’t a clue on how to minister to its own members. The church has lost as much in membership as it has ‘gained’ in new members. The ” fish” that have already been caught lose the sparkle in their scales over time by staying. It is my personal opinion that the walls have served only as a container for the Pisceans who thrive in deeper waters.

      Your prayer group has the right idea. We are to be more concerned about lost souls. I hope to find ‘new waters’ in which to serve and thrive. Paul’s post and your comment have begun my day. Love and peace dear brothers in Christ!

    • Denine – you’re encouragement is pretty cool too! Thank you!! 🙂

      And keep that last post “BOLD and MACHO” somewhere for us all – you write – and you draw me closer. Always!!

  5. My “aha” moment… “I should a had a V8 slap in the head” ….after reading it twice as Julia admitted…..I Get IT!!!! Your metaphorical writing makes this fish think. Now don’t get the ‘big head’ Paul, 😉 but the other writer who makes me read twice is C.S. Lewis. I love that what makes me think! Much love my fellow “Piscean.”

    • Dale – you have made me roar with laughter! Thank you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      And no big head – too confused for a big head. I do the typing – He does the thinking and the words (and has been known to slap me affectionately around the head when I confuse how it works!)

      Thank you!! I might just do the typing – but I love the community!! 🙂

  6. Oh, I bet there’s all kinds of controversy over their Pisce-tology. Who gets taken and who gets left behind? The lost or the faithful? As you pointed out, the one who sold his scales for the worm got raptured out, only to find himself in the fiery pit.

    Love your crazy thought process, brother. Had me laughing all the way. 🙂

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