Perception change.

No doubt you can interpret there is a whole lot of metaphor – look deeper – NOT just the garden of Eden rehash. I would be interested to hear versions of how this artwork is interpreted and what thoughts it brings to your heart and mind. It truly is my favourite part of art – hearing the various ways people perceive the meanings of the work – whether it is mine or another artist.
Prompt ~ ‘The Beginning’ ~ The Arts ~: Idiot Writing (

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What does he know I don’t, what do I know he doesn’t, what does the snake know I don’t, what does God know that He hasn’t told me.

What should I withhold, what should I share, what do they withhold what do they share, who can I trust and when can I trust.

What was perfect is now tarnished, what was colourful is now washed, what I see is not what you see, what you see is not what I see, we now see differently and always will, how can I trust my own eyes when he/she sees differently.

Who can I trust, what can I trust.

I know what I have lost, and I want it back again so badly.

I felt safe and loved, now I feel unsafe and unloved.

I used to look out. Now I look within. I used to give freely. Now I withhold and give sparingly. I used to give. Now I count. I used to love. Now I measure.

I used to be in the moment. Now I remember. Now I expect. Now I hope. Now I am rejected. Now I have to earn love. Now I have to trade love. Now I am alone.

Knowledge is now divisive.

My perception has changed forever.

And I have a whole new vocabulary.

Now I must calculate, look after number one, now I get angry, now I hate.

Now I hurt and I hurt you when you hurt me.

Now I am alone.

Now it hurts.


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Prompt ~ ‘The Beginning’ ~ The Arts ~: Idiot Writing (

A Challenge:

Create a post describing this painting.

Respond with a piece of music, sketch, photo, story, creative writing, or poem, you feel suits the image.

Come up with your own title, please do not feel you must use THIS ONE. JUST call it what you want and link back here… you may use the image in your post if you wish to but please give credit by naming the artist (that would be me – Idiot Writer) and linking back to this post.

Think about things like this- Just look at it and open your minds eye:
a) What is going on in the image?
b) Express the emotions it creates in you.
c) Philosophise the concept and tell us what it makes you think about. What does it trigger in you?
d) A glimpse into what is going through each persons mind in the image. A snapshot of this moment described in words.
e) Where are they – why are they there?
f) Tell the story as you see it.

I will leave no ‘deadline’ as such things do not need to end.. so feel free to link back here whenever you wish to. I will however try to choose ONE or two to reblog and will likely do it sometime next week or next weekend. No rush…


7 thoughts on “Perception change.

  1. Reblogged this on Idiot Writing and commented:
    Thank you so much for participating in the prompt/challenge Paul!! This is an intense and beautifully raw write you have shared here – many aspects that just add to the image and compliment it fabulously!
    Awesome 😀

    • IW – had you not set a challenge I would have “admired” and passed by. But I was curious – and your picture simply “took over” and let me in.

      Thank you – because the “raw” doesn’t often get to see the light of day!

      • You are welcome Sir 😀 It is great wehnt hat happens. I truly believe art inspires art – but we are afraid to allow it to – we hold it in when not prompted or egged on… weird that hey? We kinda think it is not allowed somehow. Ask me why – I have 99 000 possibilities! SO I shan’t detail them 😀
        Thanks again~

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