When being The Chosen People had to stop

It has been my experience – in general terms – that the first of anything has a fairly tough time. The first of anything is a trailblazer. Will experience “stuff” for the first time. Will trip over unexpected “stuff”. The first of anything has nothing to follow.

The second of anything? A little evolution here, a little learning there, a little hindsight application to this and that. The third of anything? Quite often has the cloak of invisibility.

But we all yearn to be the first of something, don’t we? We call it by other labels: the best, top dog, most loved, best lover, happiest, loneliest, wisest, most grounded, best … worst … most of something.

(and I hear the rebuttal: “Paul – not me. I prefer to be in the middle.”)

Really? You want be an average lover, loved very averagely, given only average stuff, to give only average stuff – even to those you love dearly? You mean you want to be less than you could be – at anything and everything?

(Not even to excel at “being average”?)

I have had some wonderful conversations recently. They lead to some first-time thinking.

What if the timing of Jesus coming to this creation in human form was because the Chosen People had come to a dead-end with being “the chosen people”? What if perfection achieved in The Law, the laws (and the “more laws”) had been the only way the chosen people knew how? The only way to be the best Chosen People they ever could be.

For when you achieve perfection of the Law – when you write down every possible clause and effect – when you have intellectualised so efficiently the humanity of your Loving God – when you devote one (best) way of every second of every day and month and year of your living “to God” – only in the desire to be the best and most perfect chosen people – when you achieve perfection by excluding the very soul of the God you worship – was there any other way than “Jesus”?

Every eldest son, every eldest daughter, every first time bride and groom, every first time parent, every first time saved, every first of anything and everything tries to be the best. Tries to be perfect. Tries to live up to perceived/imposed honour/duty the best they possibly can. I am the third in our family. It is a great place to be.

Until there comes a time when first, second or third must stop.

When “me being me” and who I am, “you being you” and who you are – becomes the way forwards. That point when numbers and labels get in the way … distract and detract … take the very soul out of what we can become – should become – can only become … if we are to be who we are:

Unique and individual, fulfilled and connected, at peace and of one.

I wonder if Jesus had to. Chose to. Only because the Chosen People had run out of alternatives. It was their time to stop the numbers game.

Read the post below. Let your heart, mind, brain and soul soar. And then ponder whether “being first” or best or middle or average or any scale of comparison with others is even relevant.

Little Monk: “Before the Beginning” – https://sharethecoffee.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/before-the-beginning/

I am reminded again of that phrase “The answer is always Love” –

Now let’s talk about our own labels and insecurities …


8 thoughts on “When being The Chosen People had to stop

  1. I hear you loudly on this one, I worshipped rules most of my life, didn’t know God til I turned 35. For all the pushback I got in my journey, God had another plan for me, to introduce me to His loving son who would take me in and love me forever.


    • Melissa – I see so many “eldest” sons/daughters holding that label their whole lifetime. And so many times see that joy evolving into bitterness, confusion, with the only thing left being to “hold onto the title” even when it is meaningless to all around. And then God Jesus and the Chosen People – maybe a similar dynamic from the Chosen perspective.
      The more I step back through the bible, the more I see that Love throughout – from creation onwards to the present day.
      You are a beautiful “hybrid” – an eldest daughter embracing all.
      And yet the more I see of history, the less I see a “purity of race” – less a distinction between the sought after (and fought over) blood-lines. I see souls clothed in flesh. Each connected as one – as always – if we allow.

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  2. I spent much of my life trying to be what others wanted or thought I should be. I didn’t even know myself. It is a terrible way to live because your are not really living at all. That’s what the law does to a person. Jesus the first to pave the way to show us the way. Thank you Paul feeling a bit more free today! Slowly getting to a place where I can start enjoying this life.


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