We have a miracle

BJ wrote a post this morning. I guess – as a fellow writer in the mornings – BJ was guided as we all are: “Plop” goes the pebble of insight, teaching, preaching, marvel, pain, joy, despair or all the other colours and sights and sounds we each write. And sometimes – unknown to BJ or any of us …


“All too often I find myself praying for a miracle I am not prepared to handle.”

All too often
I find myself praying
For a miracle
I am not prepared
To handle
(please read the full post – see below – and see if the ripples reach you)

Because I found myself “at rest” as those waves crashed inside. Serene and still on the outside. Roiling and boiling on the inside. At “prayer”.

How often we ask – in words of worship, praise and all that good stuff – for Him to do it all: “Let them come, let her heal, make them see, let him say yes, bring her to life, … if they say yes then I will, if they say no then I will, , , …“

Rather like directing a board game: “Move that piece here, that piece there … make that do that … I ask this in abracadabra (sorry – wrong phrase) – in Jesus name”

And when that “piece” does not “move” – well we did our bit, we fulfilled our side of things.

Those words and BJ’s post “plopped” at a time when I find myself praying like that (more than usual!). Yet I know from experience that “what works” is not directing the board-game for God Jesus. What works is a very short prayer:

“Let me be enough”

For whatever and wherever and however and whenever I place my next step with You. Let me be enough for this moment and the next. Let me be enough for the next conversation, the next cup of tea, the next doubt, the next question. Let me be enough – because unless I believe I am enough – I will direct Your board-game – from a distance – without much connection – or much love – or any “real” at all.

Don Merritt shared a phrase some time ago when discussing Spiritual Gifts. As in “what do I do with this fab Godly toolbox in front of me?”
(please read the full posts – see below – and see if the ripples reach you)
Don’s answer hit me like a tidal wave then and since:

“Look around … show up … get of the way.”

Get Out Of
The Way

Now imagine Jesus at prayer as we so often pray:
“So dear Father in Heaven, I pray that you change the hearts of these poor lost souls around me. Let them see your light and love. Bring their minds to you. Come into their desperate lives and let them see the true goodness of your heart. Dear Father there are so many hurting, grieving, wandering in pain. I ask that you touch them, bring them your infinite peace. Let them see you Father as I see you. Let them love you as I love you. I ask this in … oh shit! … abracadabra! Amen”

Now imagine Jesus at prayer as we so rarely pray:
“Let Me Be Enough for this cross”

Look around
Show up
Get of the way.


We have a miracle. The miracle of Love.

Is that not miracle enough?

Let us pray ….

“Dear Lord and Father, let me be enough – let us be enough. Amen.
Love you” ((hug))


* The River Walk – “Luke 9:13-15 (Are You Ready For Your Miracle)”: http://tworiversblog.com/2015/03/31/luke-913-15-are-you-ready-for-your-miracle/
* The Life Project – “The Journey: Spiritual Practices”: https://lifereference.wordpress.com/the-journey-spiritual-practices/

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