He keeps me curious

I don’t need / want / like / know … I will not.

When we are sharing “deep stuff” I have learned it can be very scary / threatening / aggressive / unloving … usually by the phrases above being fired back with the implicit “don’t ever do that to me again.”

What has this to do with anything?

“Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures”

We are moving with Jesus during his annual preparation – ascending back where He came from. Safe from us in heaven again. Distanced again with God. Back to normal for another year.

The verses today caught my attention: Luke 24:35-48

He has walked, talked, broken bread, called them by name – and here He is again doing that Star Trek transporter thing – arriving in their midst: “Taddah!” – and despite all of that … they didn’t get it.

“Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures” verse 45

And we do?

Imagine a world wherein we all opened our minds, where those who take know the pain of those who give, where those who give know the pain of those who take, where those who have nothing to give are known for their rich wealth, where those with great riches are known for their heart, where light shines openly on those dark places we will never open – usually not even to ourselves.

Then he opened their minds.

I wish GSHJ had not Star-Trek-transported up to Heaven. It gives us all the excuse of distance – to be fearful of having our minds changed.

But we have the Holy Spirit! He left us the Holy Spirit, Paul!

Who is pretty stuffed if we never open our own heart and mind.

“God loves you!”
Thank you – but what about you? Do you love me?
“Of course I do – gotta run – gotta spread the good news.”
How do you love me?
“I have just told you – God loves you always!”
But how do you love me?
“By telling you that God loves you of course!”
But …
“Gotta go – gotta share the love!”
But …
“Byeeee …..God loves you!”

This Great Commission we are soon to be given (albeit we were given it more than two thousand years ago) – are we really spreading the good news – or simply closing more hearts and minds? Because having been “saved” – how open do we allow ourselves to be?

What has this to do with anything?

It’s just that I read/hear/see a lot of saved Christians use the same words: “I don’t need / want / like / know … I will not.” And I ponder.

He keeps me curious.


16 thoughts on “He keeps me curious

  1. “I don’t need/want/like/know…”… Every time we put up walls like these, we put Him in a box. He works through all things when we seek Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Thanks for these beautiful thoughts this morning!!

    • Julie what a lovely comment – thank you. “In a box” just about sums up our default position: nice an neat, nicely sized, nice to look inside once in a while – but very easy to pack away and forget the “box” is there!

  2. Ahhhh, so good, so thought provoking, so…..glad another thinks like me…….. 🙂
    I have to remind myself constantly that my Godly relationship isn’t just with Jesus but there is a Father and a Holy Spirit ……. I am full. So blessed.
    But more – I have to remind myself to pray for all of us that we know that – we don’t just get saved with Jesus inside and go our merry way (sometimes it looks that way) – we have all three already there! Wake up church – then maybe more will come………

    • Hiya Cate – and lovely for me as well that “another thinks like …” 🙂

      As we wrote this He and I, different snippets of different conversations flitted in and out. Of those and with those with a great love of the Lord, and plenty without yet. Hearing the words in a new context. Hearing a fragility (as well as personal preference). And wondering why the fragility. Wondering why being saved is so hard to keep hold of – how so many must keep it “pure” (whatever that means) – keep themselves “pure” – only by pushing away and closing down so many and so much.

      Wake up church? As we are all “church” – maybe that is wake up us as well! 🙂

  3. Bless you Paul. This post reminds me of the two commandments Jesus gave us. To love God with everything we’ve got and to love our neighbor (every person we come into contact with) as we would want others to love us. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. At least on paper, but it does give us the simplest of missions in this life to prepare us for the next.

    Your posts are very challenging for me to understand Paul…and that is a good thing. Love you brother.

    • Sammy – thank you. That “love” word again! And that simplicity – again. At least on paper – always! 🙂
      Love your comments!!

      And thank you for deciphering – it all seems perfectly logical as I sit here listening to Him and tapping away (at least on paper – or should that be “at least in my brain”) 🙂

  4. “are we really spreading the good news – or simply closing more hearts and minds? Because having been “saved” – how open do we allow ourselves to be?” Ahh…nail hit squarely, spot on, yup and amen. I think Jesus is more interested in our heart being open than the quantity of our activity. And besides, as Mike Bickle said once, “Lovers get more done than workers.” Great post!

    • Mel thank you. I was pondering your quote, mulling a few gorgeous memories, pondering “lovers” productivity v “workers” productivity. But productivity is product. And that thought prompted a bunch of questions. Thank you.
      I loved building dams when I was younger … (and then ended up writing enough words for another post right here)
      Wow you have stirred something! Thank you 🙂

  5. Wow. My head is spinning right now. Reading the post and all the comments and replies. And your categories and tags. About building walls. And spreading the News. And loving one another. And seeking. And I might actually have a post percolating in there.Thank you, Paul. And GSHJ. Natch. 🙂

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