Starting off the week – 5

This post from Emma stopped me in my tracks. Just … stopped me. It is a hamper of love and light.

Without any time in my day – I watched the TED piece (the final link) and knew this had to be shared. Because without any “time” to stop and listen – time found me. And I was carried away by something universal and beautiful.

(and as soon as I have time I am coming back for all the links)

Thank you Emma. Thank you.

My brother killed himself

It’s not quite the beginnng of the week but I’ve finally realised (as, no doubt, have you) that on Sundays I’m busy marking and lesson planning, and on Mondays I’m teaching for seven hours straight. Add in two hours of travelling each way and it’s pretty clear there’s not much time to update this blog. But with only four weeks left of teaching until October, that’s set to change.

So this is Not Quite Starting Off The Week with links I’ve collected over the last month or so.

First up is a suicide in the family, the Panorama documentary into male suicide which was on the BBC last night.

There’s also this documentary on the stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness produced by a friend of a friend.

Also this: the biggest barrier to preventing suicide is not talking about it.

And as you must know by now…

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