Secret Santa Blog Day

How much love is there in this church of blogs? How much trust? How much is it really “about the cause and not the applause”? (thank you, Melissa:

After Susan’s great guest post (, He whispered two words: “Secret Santa”. That annual “work tradition” (where I come from). You are given a name, and you buy a gift, and on the same day – everyone gathers together and opens these “anonymous” gifts.

And then He left this (draft post) to simmer gently for a couple of months. Now I find the timer pinging …

Secret Santa Blog Day

You write a post which is published on someone else’s blog – you receive a post someone else has written and publish it on your blog – all published on the same day.


The content of these blogs is clear: it is about the cause not the applause. So what does that mean in reality – in this wonderfully loving church of blogs? Is there a tendency to “that much (but not THAT much) trust”? A slight “He gives me words – so this is my blog”? Or could this be fun?

Might it give you the opportunity to write “with freedom” (total guidance) without a thought for your “audience”? Could you reach others not usually reached? Could others reach your fellowship circle as He might desire? Or maybe it’s because we are a global church.

So just how inclusive is the congregation? And might this church be an example of what “love” really means when it comes to all this God stuff? In other words: are the “heavenly pebbles” that we lovingly plop … of Him … or us? I am curious.

How about you?

Because what is there to fear – other than fear itself? By taking part, all you are agreeing to is:

* no identifiers (other than personal style coming through)
* to receive and publish whatever is emailed to you
* not to edit or amend the content sent to you – not even to do a spelchick πŸ™‚
* to publish even if the views expressed seem to be at odds with your own
NB – all posts submitted will be reviewed before acceptance (see below).
* it will be copyright free – both “author” and publishing blogger

And where would we be without “the rules”? πŸ™‚

If you want reblog this to increase the numbers taking part – that would be FAB!

][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][
a) You add an “I’m in” kind of comment below this post.
between now and Wednesday 29th April
b) You get an email from me with “Secret Santa Blog Day” in the subject (remember to check your spam/junk folder)
between now and Thursday 30th April
c) You reply to that email with your post in a format/attachment easily copied/pasted – with your “(title): Secret Santa Blog Day” as the subject.
between “soon” and a deadline of midnight (your time) Thursday 7th May
d) You receive a “to publish” email (remember: no editing, etc)
between “soon” and a deadline of Saturday 16th May – the faster they come in, the sooner they go out again
e) You copy/paste/create a post using the title shown in the email subject line
f) We all Publish on Wednesday 20th May @ 9.00am (our) local time
(imagine these Secret Santa posts “twinkling” across all the different time zones)

][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][ ~ ][
1. Subject – anything you like: write as you are guided and gifted.
2. Your words as usual, and no pictures please (to avoid any copyright issues)
3. Publishing blogger decides the formatting
4. Publishing blogger chooses the category(s), but adds a tag of: “Secret Santa Blog Day”
5. In case of disputes the Lord and me have final say πŸ™‚

As already mentioned: all submitted posts will be reviewed by me (gulp!) ** and where love is looking ragged, your words may be returned – love for all and respect for each other is what this church is about. So please nurture others – no matter what or how you write.

** Just in case this gets BIG, if you would be happy to help where assistance is needed, then please mention it in your comment. Because this is not “my idea”, nor “my project” – in fact – no part of this is “mine”.

And however this goes – BIG or not – aren’t you just a little bit curious? Curious about the question – perhaps curious enough to take part?

Thank you.


37 thoughts on “Secret Santa Blog Day

  1. Okay, found out about this because Don shared πŸ™‚ Yes, I’d like to participate. Yippee, first time participating in something like this, thanks for doing this


    • Hiya Melissa, and a warm welcome! First time for you? First time for me as well doing anything like this! Thank you –
      UK time here, so one email in the morning πŸ™‚


  2. Reblogged this on musicbymelissa and commented:

    What a great opportunity to share some thoughts; mark May 20th in your calendar to search wordpress blog world for the tag “Secret Santa Blog Day”


    • Hi Tom –
      No – it is me who is a bit disorganised! Work, grandchildren and then the London Marathon this last weekend! The deadline for “entries” is the30th April, and I have yours here – just not fired any back out yet!
      Love is the greatest gift – being organised comes a close second!! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha seriously it pleased me that I did not do the ball. No sweat here. Take your time Paul it will happen when it was meant to be.



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