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“Moving from believer to Christian, is there a difference?”: http://workforthecausenottheapplause.com/2015/04/22/moving-from-believer-to-christian-is-there-a-difference/

“While churches focus on evangelism, I am focusing on discipleship. Where is the discipleship? Where is the person that explains daily what it means to be a Christian? Where is the person who teaches us how to grow in our faith? Where are our spiritual directors or mentors who come along side of us and support us, teaching us in our faith journey?”

Thank you again Melissa

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I want tell about where and how.


Here is where. How was scary.

Here was another blogger. How was a burgeoning email correspondence. Here was a spiritual director I never saw. How felt like I was being groomed for some weird cult.

Here was where it began. How was to run to my Lord and Father and seek protection. Protection from the intrusion of “another” into my relationship with my Lord and Father. We had a fine old time that night! The weird and freaky side of God and Satan. Yet …

My Lord and Father showed me I was safe.

And then my discipleship, my spiritual direction, blossomed: off blog, in private, separated by thousands of miles. It continues still. Here. In this church of blogs.

And for me I have learned something else: the reality of discipling is trust and love – of and IN God – of and IN God IN others – of and IN others IN us.

This church of blogs is connections. So if they are only a sideline, a hobby, an outlet – but never an inlet …

We may well be demanding and despairing of discipleship for an eternity to come.

I was connected to a spiritual director in this church. Right here. It was me that needed to see, hear and accept. They already had seen, heard and accepted. And since I have also seen, heard and accepted – WOWEEEE!! I am a disciple. They are a disciple. We are disciples together. Because the pupil learns from the teacher as the teacher learns from the pupil. Discipling and spiritual directing is a two-way street. Both grow.

So my thought is this:

Do we come here to rise on our soapbox – before withdrawing back to “real people and life” – where we continue to seek but not find …

Or do we see this church as a place we can also find/can enable/can facilitate this elusive “discipling and discipleship”?


9 thoughts on “A thought for Thursday

  1. I was trying to tell some people about blogging recently, about the “community” of it, about how it is a kind of church without borders and all that… Their reaction?

    The rolling of eyes, the huffs and puffs and guffaws: once again they were quite certain that I’m simply nuts.

    Quite naturally, these were people convinced that they have almost the sole claim to “doing church right.” But there isn’t any community there, nor discipling, nor growth; relationship with God is perceived as purely an abstract. So sad!

    I have been amazed by what goes on here for quite some time, and encouraged, because there is one thing that seems evident to me above everything else: There are people here from all over the world who are willing to set aside national, cultural, ethnic and doctrinal differences to look first to Christ and to do their small part to build His Kingdom, to care about others and share His love with people they haven’t even met face to face, and if that can be true, then I have hope for the rest of our brothers and sisters who are stuck in the old habits and “norms”. If we can do it here, then we can bring this perspective to those around us… and that is how movements begin!

    Thank you Paul for an awesome post, filled with awesome insight!

    • Don, I get a similar reaction here – “oh you write” – as though it is an indulgence.

      Something I have also found: that growth here spills over into “all”. That one is not separate from the other. And in no way is this the only or best place for growth. Yet … locally there is “property”, “committees”, mission statements, use of the building, tentative outreach to other denominations, lots of sighs about funding and income and expenditure – as well as lot of individual wonderfulness. Yet … growing disciples, being a piece of heaven on earth, a place where we look out rather than in … ? A few things recently have taken me by surprise – stuff I suspect would not have happened had it not been for this church. Which is why I see this church as such a powerful place. If … (as always).

      Thank you. Your comments touched places I never knew existed! 🙂

  2. I will play the Devils advocate here. Is there not but one church?One body of Christ? Are we not called to love all mankind? Do we get to choose which ones? Is it them and us? Only the ones that are easy. Or the ones we agree with. We have the blog folks or church folks which one has it right? I thought we were one in the same. Who is judging? Jesus? What are we following? Have we made another golden calf? Is it Idol or truly God. Theses are! Questions. These are just a few that I ask my friends here and myself. Who ever said the church (building) was not full of broken people. I am I not broken also. Do I not have a need for Jesus? What is it that seperates and divides God’s children? If we become unhappy here and unagreabel with one another will we start another church of what? There is only one church.. God created it. Its like a cake. Full of many ingredients. Many that might not taste so good when divided. When put together is quite delicious. As always Paul you stirred my heart. Thank you brother.

    Much love Tom

  3. Now for disciples. In my services it is done in Sunday school, small groups, activities and relationships we build with different men, women, and youth. It’s said the people though that don’t want but a very shallow relationship that can’t possibly lead to discipleship. We have 1200 folks in three services. What a opportunity.

    Much love Tom

  4. Thank you Paul and wait until you read what God gave me today. This is no longer a blog for me it is home, my church with other believers and those that are drawn to Christ, all denominations, all kinds of people. I also discovered my spiritual director through means of this blogging world and she has changed my life forever. You are right on point my friend

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