Discipleship & Spiritual Direction: A Fable

I have read this three times. Immersing into imagery. Submerging into sensuousness. Re-emerging into relationship.
Swim into this pool of oneness and connect!!

Thank you Little Monk.

The Postmodern Mystic

MoonlightOnce upon a time, I was not yet “Little Monk”… I was simply “Little”. I first awoke in darkness and I was afraid. I don’t know why I was afraid… I just was. And in my fear I would not, could not, move. I just lay there, still, eyes closed… quiet.

But then I heard voices around me, friendly voices, peaceful voices, comforting and loving voices…

They said, “Little, do not be afraid. Here, take our hands, stand, rise up and walk…” And so I did…

After a while, I felt around at things, learned that these voices (I learned to call them “friends”) meant me no harm. They meant me only good. I learned I could trust them, that they would not hurt me. I explored everything around me, by hearing and touch.

But then one day, my friends said, “Little, open your eyes. Look around. Discover your life…

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3 thoughts on “Discipleship & Spiritual Direction: A Fable

  1. Thanks for reblogging this Brother Paul!! I found someone else to add to my ever-growing list of reasons to stay in touch with others!! Isn’t it awesome how the Holy Spirit leads you where you need to go right when you need something?! I am constantly amazed at the gifts He gives and the way His children use their talents to convey something that is so important to life! Like you stated, great imagery but oh what an insight also!! God bless you brother as you continue to reach out to others and provide our daily spiritual “food!”

    • “Isn’t it awesome how the Holy Spirit leads you where you need to go right when you need something?!”
      Oh yes – in my experience likes and follows are no more than GSHJ tapping me on the shoulder and saying “there you are!” 🙂

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