Happy New Year

Julia tenderly celebrates one year of blogging so profoundly!
And adds another beautiful facet to disciples and discipling.
I am in no way embarrassed to admit having damp eyes as I read Julia’s words!!

He leads me beside a moorland stream

Hi, why Happy New Year you ask? You have guessed it. It is the beginning of a new year for my Blog. I dislike New Year in January. I am not full of joy or anticipation as I find it an anti-climax after Christmas with nothing immediate to look forward to except long nights and cold dark winter days. I decided this year that I would celebrate New Year with my Blog in April (Well, strictly March,  please forgive three or four more weeks.)

A year on I remember what caused me to start a Blog. There were couple of main reasons that prompted me to give it a go.

Our Minister at Church was going on Sabbatical and in her absence I had volunteered to lead a series of reflections each Sunday through Lent. The format I devised was 20 minutes with a “thought to ponder on”, a piece of music…

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I agree with you Brother!! WOW! and again, WOW! I love her writing and it’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. For me this is my second go-round because of problems with my first blog being tied to a website, but in June will be a year and the brothers and sisters I’ve met and the people who open their hearts with sincerity. What an awesome blessing this has been. I have had websites and forums devoted to ministry since about 1998 when I got my first computer (yep, 1998 was my first! I am a late bloomer!) and I have seen the Holy Spirit use the world-wide-web for bringing not only the forgotten and cast-off brothers and sisters, but many others who are using their gifts for the Glory of our Lord!
    To me, it is proving that the TRUE Church, the True Body of Christ is a spiritual body and not one that is necessarily organized by men, but rather by the Holy Spirit! This is why I love the blogging medium so much.
    Like Julia and others, sometimes there are periods of time that go by mainly because of health reasons, yet I always find strength in the Lord to jump back in and follow others and post when I can.
    Anyway, brother, I’ve rambled enough. I have a lot of catching up to do so going to read some more! God bless you so very, very much and thanks so much for being here!!!!

    • “To me, it is proving that the TRUE Church, the True Body of Christ is a spiritual body and not one that is necessarily organized by men, but rather by the Holy Spirit!”
      Roland, you again highlight something I have found in my own walk. Here – without the logistics and committees of “property, finance, etc” – without the distraction of body language and personal diaries – the auto-responses we so often make in each other’s proximity – The Holy Spirit is freed within and without.

      And the most wonderful thing I find – that changes me in “others proximity” – that feeding here outflows (apart from a grumpy mood, a mistimed word, and all the usual suspects of “gathering together”). And I have had to redefine church – no CAPITAL C, and so much bigger than brocks and mortar. Yet “C” and “buildings” also have value … if we feed in His Spirit somewhere (or how do we ever outflow)?

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