Secret Santa Blog Day, SSBD: minus 2

“Would you write a blog for another – would you post a blog from another?”

Would you do that with complete trust?

“Would you post a blog from another – without any choice in what you were given?”

Would you trust enough for that?

“Would you post a blog from another – and not identify it as someone else’s?”

Would you do that?

A number in this church of blogs will.

Secret Santa Blog Day, SSBD, is just that: an invitation to let the Lord speak through “my blog” (or should that be “His blog”) with complete trust. Trust in God. Trust in God – in us. Trust in each other.

Wednesday 20th May: 9.00am

“Secret Santa Blog Day”


6 thoughts on “Secret Santa Blog Day, SSBD: minus 2

  1. Paul, I guess I don’t trust the Lord enough to allow someone I don’t know to write on my blog. Perhaps for the obvious reasons. My blog is not mine any more but those who follow me (albeit from afar). I could go into a long dissertation as to why but I won’t. Although I have reblogged a few (maybe 2 in the years I have been blogging) I felt those two were in line with my thoughts and subject matter. Now if I had a list of those I could choose from and read through their blog posts to see if I would have the faith to let them choose their subject matter on my blog then that ‘could’ be a different matter. So, I thought it would be good to give you my reason for not jumping in on your idea. I think its a good idea just not for me and my lack of faith right now.. Love you my friend

    • Dearest Sammy – what a moving comment! Thank you.

      I have seen a longer list of those who have passed by this one. And I have pondered some thoughts. “Trust” being a major ponder. And reading your words here I find myself apologising to Him. That each invitation is simply that: an invitation. He has made so many in my life, and so many times I have looked the other way, chosen to see something else, found good reason why not. So many many times – and still do.

      And yet I have “expected” in this invitation. My invitation (for Him – obviously). My own expectations (of Him – obviously!), my criteria, timing, structure. And have “expected” (my expectations – not of Him).

      So, dearest Sammy, thank you more than you know for your words. They are a hot knife through a lot of “my butter.” And had you not written what you have written – I would have remained enveloped in my own “butter”!

  2. Interesting never even thought about such things. Not that I think it is wrong, but my thought have been we are all part of the body of Christ each of us bring our own giftings and insights to share with one another to grow and learn. I guess I would not want to promote non biblical ideas, but I don’t think that is the point or would be problem here.

    • Denine – all comments and thoughts are most welcome (Sammy reminded me of that). Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. And – as the Secret Santa blogs pop up today – I am curious as to what you think.


      • I just about to start reading them, It all seems very exciting and so much fun. I wonder if we all tried a little harder since it’s being posted to another’s blog. So I think they should be great. Awesome Idea! Love and Blessings!!!

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