He sang to me: Secret Santa Blog Day

Secret Santa Blog Day – oh yes it is! 🙂


Last night, I was praying that the Lord would lead me in what to write about for this blog. He often speaks to me in dreams. But last night in my dream, He did something a little different.  He sang to me.

In my dream, I sat as an audience of one as the Lord sang. It was like my own personal concert just Him and I.

At the time, I was not fully aware of what was taking place.  I remember feeling fortunate to be there and was enjoying singing along to some of my favorite Christian songs.  Interestingly enough, He looked and sounded like the lead singer from Third Day, but maybe I should vice versa that. If you have seen pictures of Mac Powell or heard his strong, rugged voice, it all seems a perfect fit.

So this morning, The Lord brought me to Zephaniah 3:17 that…

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