Mercy and Redemption: Secret Santa Blog Day

Secret Santa Blog Day – thank you!! 🙂

Walking After Midnight:

I have not set down and written consistently on the blog in sometime. For this forgive me if I left some of you wondering. The Lord had me going in other directions. I try never to write to my readers unless God has specifically laid something on my heart. Usually that something is for me and I in turn share with you my good friends.

When Paul posted the opportunity to be a part of the Secret Santa posts on others blogs. I felt compelled to write. It was a opportunity to reach a wider audience. Thank you, Paul for being obedient. I would like to ask the Lord to be with me as I write this article on mercy and redemption. I also would like to thank the folks that created spell checker – it saves me!  Without it no one would be able to read my ramblings.


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