Relationship Status – It’s complicated: Secret Santa Blog Day

Final Secret Santa Blog Day – unwrapped and looking gorgeous!! 🙂

Susan Irene Fox  ©graur razvan ionut ©graur razvan ionut

Jesus isn’t just a facebook page or a status or a thought. But if it were to be that we were engaged in a relationship of sorts that’s exactly how it would be: it’s complicated.

For all the times I have given Him grief, fought Him, argued with Him, strayed from Him and yet He still waited ever so patiently. I like a histrionic muse back and forth into His arms. I want so badly to please Him but find myself wrestling with the false covering of this world. The job, the money, the house, the worldly inspiration- it all looks so innocent lovely. But-

It is missing the meat

the substance

the depth

the love

the insides

the outsides

the spirit

So when I grab for those things and they dissipate in my hands, I am drawn back into my lover’s arms, the loving arms…

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