Let me see

I have seen many blogs quote the Greek “seven”. The seven greek words for love. Different love. Helps us explain, helps us in a way I am beginning to ponder …

Because of one word.

A word used when something has stopped, something has been lost. When – if I lost my sight in a terrible/stupid accident – in a terrible/stupid illness – my life changes, my “career” bombs, my relationships change – everything changes – many unwanted choices.

Let me see …


I used to see, I took seeing for granted, seeing is breathing, I never knew … and now I do. Now I know I can never go back to what was, what used to be, what I took for granted. I never knew … and now I do.

One word.

They came to Jericho. As he and his disciples and a large crowd were leaving Jericho, Bartimaeus son of Timaeus, a blind beggar, was sitting by the roadside. When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout out and say, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Many sternly ordered him to be quiet, but he cried out even more loudly, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus stood still and said, “Call him here.” And they called the blind man, saying to him, “Take heart; get up, he is calling you.” So throwing off his cloak, he sprang up and came to Jesus. Then Jesus said to him, “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man said to him, “My teacher, let me see again.” Jesus said to him, “Go; your faith has made you well.” Immediately he regained his sight and followed him on the way. Mark 10:46-52

This morning He whispered one word: again.

And let me see. Again.

Love is not something I see Jesus doing seven different ways. Is not something I see God Soft Hands Jesus debate. He uses the word Love. He was love. He is love. I saw one word. Again. And began to ponder why we find seven – why we need seven.


Is the source. Always the source. Perfect for each. Available to each. Life changing for each. If we allow. If we each allow each.

Love. Again.


12 thoughts on “Let me see

  1. This for me is a difficult topic to put into words simply without leaving much out that is needed. However the rest of the fruits of the spirit are in themselves a by product of love. Without them first in our life we would not know how to love or experience the love Christ talks about in these scriptures . Hence the scripture, be doers of the word as a example.

    Agape love Tom


    • Tom, my apologies – I seem to have missed all the comments here! I think what these words were trying to express (maybe not so successfully!) was the “source” of love is one. The expression of love is many. Jesus was the master “expresser” yet never seemed caught up in the definition of which He was expressing.

      One of those “ahah!” moments (as always) for me. 🙂


  2. What strikes me is the blind beggar. Obviously in great need. He is calling out to Jesus; calling out for help. They all hear him. They all see the poor condition he is in, but what do they say? Sternly, “be quite” – why I wonder? Maybe because Jesus is in their mists. They are all busy doing important work for the kingdom of God. But still this guy is desperate and determined, so he keeps calling out “Jesus, son of David.” Then we are told, Jesus “stood sill.” He stopped everything He had been doing, and said, “call Him here”.

    Yes, the love of Jesus. Jesus stopped what He was doing and answered the beggars need. The blind man, blind no longer. Now, He could see. I just wonder if anyone else in the crowed could?

    Yesterday, I was at my job cleaning the church. They were having a ladies meeting which always includes cakes, cookies, and pies. One of the women heading the event tells me, “Denine, you can have some if we have any leftover.” A person could starve to death around there because they never have leftover anything. The pastor He is told, ‘Here have some pie and can we get you a drink to go with it.” I go back to my duties of cleaning the church. I know they are busy with important kingdom work. Then, I just laugh to myself for my house is overflowing in cake, cookies, and pies, and I generously share them with anyone and everyone one because I too was once blind.

    “Love is the source, Always the source, Perfect for each, Available of each, Life changing for each, If we allow, If we each allow each.” AMEN


    • Denine, my apologies to you as well – I missed “seeing”(!!) the comments here. Reading your words a book came to mind – one my father gave me years ago. A lovely gentle book. After reading it I picked up a few more in the “series” and offered them to my dad. He replied that he was not being guided to read the other ones – and never did.

      That book was: Joshua by Joseph F. Girzone (1987, Paperback). Your “cake and leftovers” comment was the trigger.


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  3. Beautifully poetically written Paul. How hard it is to see in a way we used to when we have seen in a way we now know? How terribly awful when we forget how to see blinded by division of love? By hardships – by life, by troubles – these all come to steal our vision and along with it our joy and our faith. When seeing is NOT always believing… can we believe everything our eyes see even if it appears real and true? We just have to look at a magicians illusion to know that sight is relative to the truth we already have inside of us – our knowledge of how all is bound together – and how it is… as you so very nicely say:
    Is the source. Always the source. Perfect for each. Available to each. Life changing for each. If we allow. If we each allow each.
    Love. Again.’

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    • IW – and a third apology for missing your wonderful comment! Quite apt seeing as this post was about seeing! 🙂

      “By hardships – by life, by troubles – these all come to steal our vision and along with it our joy and our faith.” So true.

      And the realisation – again – for me is my willingness to allow that theft to happen again and again. Until it is a way of life – and then bemoan the burden, the weight, the “cross we bear” for “Him” – as though I am doing “Him” a favour.

      Getting “simple” and simpler with all this theology stuff, for me is a path He is inviting me down. A place where Love is the source full stop. And just like water, we can make use of that source in so many ways. But – just as water is water (salty, fresh, stagnant, pure, purified, filtered or not) – so is just “love”.


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