Everything In the Universe Begs to Allah !! Evrendeki her şey Allah’a yalvarır!!../..By Nouman Ali Khan

For all those (labelling themselves as) “christians” who believe that arguing with those (labelling themselves as) “atheists” is a requirement of faith – read this! It is brilliant! 🙂


Holy Quran


Allah says in Surah Ar-Rahman that every thing in the Heavens and the Earth begs Allah for its needs. The argument can be made that an atheist doesn’t ask Allah for anything at all. The answer to that is simple: his throat begs to Allah when it is thirsty, his heart seeks permission from Allah before beating each and every single time, and every blood cell asks Allah’s permission before traveling through his veins. There is only one small part of his heart, his free will, that is in disobedience to Allah. And even that part will beg to Allah on Judgment Day.

Allah, Rahman Suresi’nde göklerde ve yerde bulunan her şeyin ihtiyaç duydukları şeyler için O’na yalvardıklarını söylüyor. Bir ateistin Allah’tan hiçbir şey istemediği yönünde bir iddia ileri sürülebilir. Bunun cevabı basittir: Boğazı, susadığında Allah’a yalvarır; kalbi, atmadan önce her seferinde Allah’tan izin ister; ve her kan hücresi, damarlarında…

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