mental heath system


This beautiful human being has asked for help and the response is to now be “in the system” soon – but months away.

Scarredandscared protects her anonymity (her comments are not enabled) – but I am guessing the use of “gp” suggests UK based (as am I). Please read this post and see if you know of someone that can help “move the (UK) system”, add useful advice, or simply let a hurting human know that living is worth it.

Add comments freely in the hope “preciousandperfect” reads them here.

Thank you.


I did the things I thought I was suppose to do.  I asked for help.  I rang a 24 hour hotline in tears saying I’d had two suicide attempts in a week, wasn’t coping and need help. I reached out.  I was told to go to hospital.  So I did that.  Being a mental health patient I had my bag checked… has that ever happened to anyone else before??

I was there for 6 hours, seen by an emergency doctor, a mental health nurse and then a psych registrar. They sent a referral to a mental health assessment team who contacted me today and was told it would be between 2-4 months to see one of their psych doctors for a full assessment.  I’m now being sent back to my gp for a referral.  Are you serious???

Here’s an assessment for you!! I’m screwed! I cry everyday, I’m paranoid about…

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12 thoughts on “mental heath system

  1. Thank you so much, Paul. When I read scarredandscared’s post I became very angry. I am not in the UK, so feel helpless to help. Scarredandscared: You did not deserve to be treated that way! You do need help and you deserve to get it. I am so very proud of you, and happy, that you reached out to get help! You did do the right thing for yourself. I know how hard that was for you. I have had my own struggles and have been so fortunate to get the help when I needed it. I feel so bad for you that you did not get help NOW and I’m really angry too with how you were treated. I pray that you do get the help. Either someone here, or that you keep trying and are able to find it yourself. Please, please, keep asking for help. There is help out there.


  2. Paul, I looked around her website and found that comments are NOT disabled under her “higher power” category. (Accident? Nah!) I got a comment sent off. In addition, if you click on her gravatar under one of the comments she made there, you will find her email.
    Bless you for continuing to follow up on this child of God.


  3. Thank you, Susan. I want her to know my daughter is mistreated the same way. The entire mental health system is a joke. I have so much frustration… child dead from suicide and another who on top of her illness is a single mom trying to cope in a cruel world with a diagnosis that receives no compassion…not even from the facilities set up to help. It is obviously a universal problem. My heart cries for all who are in this situation..although tears do little good. I wish there was a way to fight back. My prayers seen to go unnoticed.

    Thank you, Paul for caring. You are just a good guy! Hugs.


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