Reflection and hope!

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I remember when I was a little girl and how much I use to look for my dad’s approval.  My mood would depend on his.  My actions, my words, my presence in a room.  Everything depended on him.

It’s funny how so many years can pass by and there are still certain things that can take you straight back there.  I guess they’re called triggers.  Some things can be avoided. Music he use to play repeatedly, the angels, cold chisel, gangajang etc. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me hearing their music, I’ll even sing along, other times I just change the station or turn the radio off but either way he’s the first thought that enters my head.

Seeing an old Ford Falcon, the boxy looking ones (early 90’s models) takes me straight back to my teens. The feeling where I was starting to realise, this life hasn’t been right, it…

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