Self-Acceptance…and a song I wrote about it

“Stop criticizing God’s masterpiece!”

Music, words, insight, truth. I heard the words – and saw my mirror – deep down inside.

Julie I love you lady, you have put down on a page such honesty it connected somewhere in the deepest part of me. Thank you.

(likes and comments to this fabulous lady, please)

I Sing Because I'm Free

“Playing Dress-Up”

She’s watching everything I do 

“Mom I want to be like you”

she wants to paint her face like me 

I swore I’d put aside

the things I see in the mirror that I despise

I’d look at myself through my Father’s eyes

but who am I kidding? 

I catch my own self 

trying to fit a mold never made for me

trying to change the things I see

with my eyes

such a hypocrite, I talk a good talk

but when push comes to shove

can I walk the walk? 

cause deep down I’m still a little girl

playing dress-up 

with those lines on my face 

I drew lines in the sand 

cause I don’t want my girls

giving into the world’s demands

trying to be a size 

He never made her to be

trying to look like a Barbie Doll fantasy

instead of the masterpiece


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