A Challenge

Don Merritt has verbalised something dear to my heart. Something dear to a lot of our hearts. Something that goes to the heart of our hearts.

“The only way I know of to help our brothers and sisters move forward in the faith and come out from where they are comfortable is by personal relationship over time. The dilemma is that there are so many congregations out there where there is no mentor to get the ball rolling. Oh they have pastors (or whatever they might call the preacher) but they have no mentors because their pastor is the product of seminary that didn’t teach them to do this… “

The conversation has started. Why not head over and join in? 🙂

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Life Project Blog

Recently I filled in preaching in a church where I have filled in several times over the last couple of years. This was the sermon text:

What does Scripture say? “Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.”

Romans 4:3

I’ve never had anyone complain about a short sermon, and this one was under 20 minutes, so it was well-received. It was purposely simple in its message about faith.

Afterwards, amidst the usual “lovely sermon Father’s” a man for whom I have a great deal of respect commented something like this: “You are clear, simple and consistent in your message. So why don’t we believe you?”

I think I responded by saying something like; “Well maybe that’s a better question for you than for me.,” and shook hands with the next person…

In the days that followed, that challenge kept coming to mind; yes, why is that? You…

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