Antigravity and Joy

Surviving or Thriving …

50-100 people in my “church” have never shared something like this. Most would look at me oddly if I shared something like this. But in the quiet of my own home, with just my God and me … ?

This community feeds, provides food, shares food, shares Love, shares “thriving”. Let’s not just survive – let’s all THRIVE!! 🙂

The Postmodern Mystic

earth beautiful 2Ever felt joy-less, depressed, overwhelmed, stressed out? (I think “Compassion Fatigue” is the new phrase.) Me too. Here’s how God unexpectedly dealt with all that, one dark night.

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This is a “non-sequitur” post, not specifically dealing with Spiritual Warfare, or Authority, and yet… somehow connected with those topics as I have been considering them. I have other things going on a bit, in terms of teaching or counseling, and a little bit ago I went through a bit of a personal “rough patch”. In fact, it was quite rough indeed. I don’t often share of my own frailties or struggles, except in terms of anecdotes or illustrations more or less long after the fact.

But I do have a few… accountability partners, close friends, brethren… call them what you will… close “family members” in this Kingdom Family with whom I am willing to be utterly…

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