“How do we move beyond our doctrinal differences into a love relationship with Jesus and each other? I think the question answers itself—we move beyond our doctrinal differences and just love Jesus and each other.” John

I don’t know John at all really. A comment on a post, a look at John’s blog. A thank you to my Lord and Father, another connection. Another voice. Another perspective. A different way of seeing. And the same way of loving. A simple way of loving! Simply Love.

Let’s not survive – let’s thrive!

Christian INTP

How do Christians come together in unity? This is probably one of those questions that has vexed many over the ages. How is it possible to show Jesus to the rest of the world when we have a hard time loving other Christians (John 13:35)?
It seems there are at least 200 official, distinct, denominations in North America alone with worldwide estimates of various sects being around 33,000. Many of these seem to be in existence because of issues arising from how one group sees some passages versus the other. However, this isn’t just about the traditional congregations that we all know. As I’ve continued my journey, I see many Christians outside of the institutions are just as divided as those inside. I’m not speaking to being united within a congregation alone but with all Christians that profess love for Jesus.
Now, there are those that would seek to promote their view over…

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