Meeting Jesus face to face

Don Merritt wrote a wonderful post yesterday – the summing up by Paul in his letter to the Romans: Romans a summation

In that post Don wrote these words:

“That difficult neighbor was the key in my mind yesterday, so I told the woman that since Jesus is within us through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and we are His Ambassador, the closest thing to meeting Jesus face to face that the neighbor is ever likely to experience in this life is meeting you: When he meets you, in effect, he is meeting Jesus.”

And it struck me.

How often I hear WWJD bandied about: what would Jesus do. How often we speak of being indwelt. How often we talk about Love. How often I can draw such finery from the Living Word and my God Soft Hands Jesus relationship …

And how frequently I am in a relationship where “my better half” offers quiet loving words, and I stop listening – maybe don’t even hear at all. And I barge around as I do best. Bringing all my wisdom and experience and training and learning to the fore. Meeting life “head on” – and others in the same way.

Not all the time obviously.

Just those times when I am in the presence of stupidity, intentional unhelpfulness, purposeful obstruction from another (or others). Then I meet them head on too often. Then I stop listening (or maybe don’t even hear at all).

In such circumstances (in an earlier life) I have seen my wife (out of the corner of my eye) cringe – and I even had time to mentally make a note (midstream and whilst firing on all cylinders) – that I have “what it takes” in these difficult situations – that I will not back down and be rolled over. Hmmmm …

And it struck me reading Don’s words …

When they meet me (meeting them head on and in full flow!) in effect they are meeting Jesus. And it struck me that if Jesus cringed, boy would He really be “cringing”. Because by then there is no “WWJD”. Because by then there is only look at “What I Am Doing!”

Thank you Don.

I wondered why GSHJ was so keen that I write Papercuts yesterday (all day I had this itchy need to write those words). This morning I think He wanted me to see that even though I am no longer as headstrong as in my “earlier life” – it becomes more subtle – BUT still the same. I think He wanted to make sure I realise that when I suffer my “paper cuts” … that is when I tell God Soft Hands Jesus to leave the building – even then – even before anything kicks off.

That is when I ask Him to leave the building.

And then no one ever meets Jesus at all.

Not even me.


7 thoughts on “Meeting Jesus face to face

  1. Paul I believe that is true of allot of folks. I for one bad a paper cut just the other day. Well their was certainly alot of the flesh at that moment. I don’t believe Jesus flees from us at that moment as some do. I don’t even believe he is dissipointed in us. I believe he is grieved for us because for now we are in this fallen world and sometimes can do no better than that paper cut. There are some that claim they never get that paler cut. Well not me. I just say forgive me Lord and move on. In my heart I believe it hurts me more than anything, because as you said I know I could have done better and I missed the opportunity. Well move on my friend because the old devil would love it if we must have up the race. It still hurts though, those paper curs. I really enjoyed this and paper cuts yesterday. I was still trying to figure out how to respond. God day to you Paul.

    Much love Tom

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    • Tom, you make my hearts sing every time you honour me with a comment! Thank you! And yes to everything you write!

      I think I have become a tad more “paper cut sensitive” in some areas of my life – oddly as the “unconditional love” kicked in – the “paper cuts” also seemed to kick in more. A long response and a bunch of words on that one!

      A reminder, from Him, I think that as you “shift the logs”, the remaining “splinters” and specks of dirt might begin to feel like logs (if I let them). And that unconditional love is not a destination, it is a journey every moment of every day.

      And I have just realised that your words helped me get those words out! Thank you ((hugs))

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