late night wisdom because sleep is in the past

When you connect – you connect forever.

There is a voice I am tuned into. A voice that says “I love you – always have – always will – no conditions – no tests – no passes or fails – no must or must not. There is nothing you can do, nothing you can be, nothing you can change that will make me love you more or love you less. I love you. Always.”

That voice is in everyone. Sometimes it is drowned out. Sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes it sounds “too good to be true”. And those who know that voice – it is enough. Always. Because that voice wants to connect with others who hear the same voice. Always.

((hugs)) as always 🙂


Tight jaw, clenched fists, sore shoulders and neck, classic signs of anxiety and stress.  Have to say, I’m not loving it.

Tonight I researched where I could rehouse my animals.  That made me sadder than anything else.  Actual plans to take my life.  Counted my pills, googled how much I’d need to take ( that I had enough) , wrote a quick letter of goodbye and cried for about an hour and threw up purely from getting in such an emotional state, interesting because I have completely lost my appetite and haven’t eaten for two days.  i made a call, chatted on the phone which made all the difference, what I really needed to hear today was that it’s not my fault.  Stand in the room and wave your arms around you, anything I touch, that’s what I have control of, nothing else. It was a relief to hear his…

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