Deeds of Power

”Then Jesus began to reproach the cities in which most of his deeds of power had been done, because they did not repent.”

Miracles again. Deeds of Power. No return on the investment. What was the point?

Get under the skin of miracles – try to understand them – and all sorts of alternatives unfold. Makes sitting here each day indwelt of the Holy Spirit (who just happens to be God and Jesus all in one) – indwelt of the same Jesus I read about in the Gospels (who just happens to be God and the Holy Spirit all rolled into one) – indwelt of the same Creator of The Everything and More (the big cheese, the top dog, the One God) – indwelt and … powerless?

I have seen sick people. I know sick people. I have prayed for sick people. But they were never healed. I have seen people with demons. I know people with demons … am I really powerless or have I got this whole “miracle thing” back to front? If I am indwelt by the One God – surely doing “deeds of power” should be a doddle. And the fact staring me in the face says I haven’t and I can’t.

I have heard it is because we are a “lukewarm” army. Too cosy and comfortable. Which must mean we need something else – some persecution perhaps, some penury maybe, cranking up the discomfort and pain levels probably.

I have heard it is because deeds of power happen for a reason, as part of a witness. Kind of “here’s the Word, here’s the Deed, this is God – sign here to be saved”. Hmmmmm …

I have also heard that there are people and ministries of healing. People queue for hours to have the chance to be touched and walk again. So why are there none that I hear about where I live? Why are people not streaming to my door, blocking the road outside my house … ?

There is a quote I love: “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” Francis of Assisi

This morning He gave me a few clues. If they fit with your Lord and His relationship with you – I am glad. If not – please put down these words as “the unique relationship of just another”. Thank you.


The answer is always Love. Okay Lord, you know I buy into that – just what do you mean?

And what came back was that a deed of power is not a “deed of power” but a deed of love. Just as the words within the Word are Love. Just as God is a name – but Love is “what He is”. Just as Jesus (who is the God and the Holy Spirit rolled into one) willingly allowed the cross and death is Love. Just as The Chosen People is love – Gentiles is Love – World Faiths are Love – healing is Love … deeds of power are “deeds of Love”

There is no difference. It all simply Power of … Love. Reality check:

What “heals me” on a grotty damp morning? Someone touching me gently. Lifting my spirits. What “heals me” when I face a day without money to feed myself? Someone touching me gently with a few pennies and a lot of Love. What heals me when my body is broken? Someone one touching me with their skills and medicine and the love to want to do that for me.

I was checking out the Greek word for “deed of power” this morning. There are loads of examples of that word. And I bumped into that deed of power when “power went from me” – when Jesus asked “Who touched Me?”

We try to be “like Jesus”. That is not Love. We “are Jesus” (and God and the Holy Spirit all rolled into One). That is Love. “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” That is Love. Pray always. Love – again.

And He finished with this exchange.

The answer IS always Love. Ponder this, Paul: when you try and understand, when you try get behind the labels, when you get “under the skin of miracles” – what do you find?

(frowning face, thinking hard, trying to find the right answer, not succeeding …)

Mostly that is what you find, Paul. You find “you”. And that gets in the way. It gets in My way and your way. It stops the flow. It stops the oneness. Remember what Don (Merritt) said … ?

“Look around” (for a need that matches your gifts) … “Show up” (make yourself available in time and relationship) … “Get out of the way” (of the Holy Spirit – who is God and Jesus all rolled into one)!

(frowning face, thinking hard, trying to find the right answer, not succeeding …)

Doing it again, Paul.

And I started tapping these words with a frowning face. Wanting so much to find “the answer”. Wanting so much to understand whether it is me or Him – what do “I do”? And ended this morning’s conversation with an answer that is” no answer” – not a frowning face “I have done it“ answer.

The answer is Love – there are no questions.

The questions “get in the way” and start a process of frowning face. The frowning face thoughts “stop the flow”. And when the flow stops – Love stops. And when Love stops – we (or perhaps that should be “I”) stop God. I stop the Power of Love.

(and I feel an immediate reaction)

It is an answer I try and push away as being too simple. Not “role specific”. Not a “how to”.

And with a weary voice I hear Him sigh: “Love surrenders, Paul. That is all you “need to do” – that is All … You … Need … To … Do”

Matthew 11:20-24


8 thoughts on “Deeds of Power

  1. Surrender to Him, to His ideas, His thoughts. Remember His ways are not our ways. Surrendering to anyone’s ways is never easy. But surrendering to His ways is mandatory. And in doing so we will find peace!!🌻🌻


  2. “And what came back was that a deed of power is not a “deed of power” but a deed of love. ”
    Amen, Paul. Good conversation here. We always seem to want to figure out an answer to why people don’t get healed, delivered, etc., but when we do this we only end up creating a doctrine based on failure–what God doesn’t do, which is unbelief. But surrender and love…ah, that’s always the answer! I’ve personally seen hundreds of people get healed and set free over the years. Many weren’t. I had people I prayed for healed of cancer, and I have literally had one die in their hospital bed as I was praying for them to live. But I have been 100% successful on loving all of them! Love never fails. Blessings.


    • Hiya Mel –
      “But I have been 100% successful on loving all of them” – now that is success by a different measure!
      Odd thing today – I was expecting more. Almost as though – “Yeah I get that God, so what’s the rest of it … ?” A real “knee-jerk” internal response. And the one that has stayed with me since. Not a “failure” to be beaten out of me. Just a real “real moment”.
      Hence surrender – and with it acceptance – and then …. Or else I just clog up the conduit.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Good afternoon Bill – thank you. Can I admit I got a little irritated with Him this morning? Like “okay so I don’t even think now – then what’s this brain for then?” kind of irritated.
      Still permeating. I know He is right. And then my brain kicks in! I have the sense He will hold me right here with a few more posts until I “get” surrender.


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