I have my answer

The love myth
Toffee chocolate sickly sweet
Love makes you sick if you drink it neat.

The love reality
Toffee chocolate sweet and sour
Perfect balance in absolute power
The power to allow, be free and safe
The power to empower both king and waif
The power in allowing each one to be right
The power in allowing a thought or a fright
The power of thought inside each one
Connecting to power that powers the sun

The Jesus myth
Toffee chocolate sickly sweet
God makes you dead if you drink Him neat.

The Jesus reality
When I can accept freely without complaint
Every shit, crap and pooh, each sicked vomit stain
Every defecation stench we all did – we all spill
(every one that ever was – and that ever we will)

When I can open my mouth and take it all in –
Every slimy turd
Every constipation burst
Each fetid log –
Every gag – every retch –
And taste the stench –
Consume the filth
Make it part of me inside – “unclean” …

Only then …
Can you know
Will you ever see –
What God Soft Hands Jesus did just for me
On that rough cross that once was a tree
Only then can you know, will you ever see

What Love
What God
What Jesus
Really truly

Now imagine that power of love in each of us
And now tell why “Love is never enough” –
Please tell me why we must all “be tough”?


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