Are you willing …

Yesterday’s post
Creating us to be creators ourselves

Yesterday’s question:
Are you willing to step up – to help draw together – to help “create what He created”?

Wally Fry said:
Paul, you know this is difficult for me! I am the “local church” guy through and through…and more through. You know that and I freely fess up to it. I believe with all of my heart that the local church is the prime and optimum place for God’s people to serve Him.
But, I also get that not all parts of this world are as blessed as we are here in Bible belt USA. Sadly, some simply do not have a local assembly, where they can learn and grow in truth.
So…I’m flexible. How’s that brother? If nothing else, blogging has, shall we say, expanded my horizons.
Paulfg replied:
Wally – I love you man! Thank you more than you will know for these words.
This is not a “recruiting drive”. But it is deffo an invitation with an rsvp attached. So –
(and this is to all passing through this post and comments)
If you are guided, prompted, sense, discern (all the different ways He tries to get through) – that He wishes you to step up … no matter how uncomfortable, how inconvenient … then I reckon His word is final. It is why I wrote this piece – He is telling me to do so – He has invited me to step up.
And in exactly the same way – if no such guidance happens – if He is drawing you to another part of His kingdom – then His word is also final. And I have also had that happen – and responded to that particular invitation without any fear of “saying the wrong thing” – for how can it be wrong if that is His guidance?
So please know that whichever direction He guides – all of us should be able to talk openly and freely – and accept in love and fellowship how He guides each of us.
Because each of us is a part of this community, this church – and in any community worth that name – in any church worth that name – we should all (always) be free to be what He created each to be: unique but yet the same.
(and your comment allowed me to say that – thank you!)

John said:
I like to use non-traditional words like ekklesia and fractal occasionally because it encompasses so much more and causes us to think twice about our default understanding.
As for your question—perhaps that flow, movement, tide has already been created and we just surf it 🙂
Paulfg replied:
Let’s get our boards waxed! 🙂

Julie Harris said:
Ok…I read your post early this morning and I wrote a little poem and thought I’d share… (inspired by your post :))
Can we sing a song
That hasn’t been sung?
Can we raise our voices
In unison?
Can we further add
Some harmony?
A little from you, and you
And me?
how much louder together
Could we sing?
Let our voices ring
To praise our King 🙂
Paulfg replied:
Let the strings vibrate
Each one resonate
Guided by the One so fine
His music we all combine
Where it will soar, where take flight?
We KNOW the where – we PLAY in the Light!
I know not your notes, nor you know mine.
But together in Love …
We sound just fine!

Levi Thetford said:
Good afternoon, now evening to you Paul. We are living this one in reality. May it spread worldwide!!!
Paulfg replied:
We are listening and He is speaking!! 🙂

Today’s question:
Are YOU willing to step up – to help draw together – to help “create what He created”?


14 thoughts on “Are you willing …

  1. Wow Paul just wow, so on point, the spirit is speaking, Are we allowing Him in or stifling Him, I am feeling like I could fly today. Grace, it is a beautiful thing.


  2. Paul, I am so impressed with the comments everyone has made here: You, Wally, John. Levi and Melissa are all so right on!
    I think Wally really said; I’m a local church guy too, for I believe that it is in the local churches that God’s will plays out on a daily basis. Yet local churches pose a paradox for us because each one may be led in a slightly different way. At first we might think we “differ” too much, but that is only because we can’t see them from God’s point of view. God, knowing all, knows the challenges and opportunity that each different community has for the Gospel; we might think at first that all communities are the same. God knows what set of gifts, talents and experience are available in each local church congregation; while we might assume that all are pretty much the same. God can lead one congregation with its available talent and resources to approach their specific community in one way, and another congregation with its talents and resources to approach their different community in another way, and have both paths reach the same destination. Putting all of the local churches together into the Body, He can reach the world.
    If I’m reading this right, we have a similar opportunity here, for each has different talents and gifts and experiences, and may approach things in a slightly different way, but together we have the resources to match most any need or opportunity. I’d say this is a noble calling indeed!


    • Dear Don, you know when you read something and think – I really want to reblog that – just got to share this one? That was me – shortly before I realised (with some disappointment) that I was on my blog! 🙂

      What you have just described so wonderfully is what I see “individually” – that each of us is a player in His orchestra – each with a different instrument but the same conductor.

      Yet I have never – until now – seen that in a “church community” context. That each church is a player in the same orchestra – each with a different instrument but the same conductor!


      That is “church” in the most wonderful way I have ever seen described! That makes it as personal as we each desire, as unique as we each seek, as (potentially) freeing as we all want – yet as connected as we pray it can be. All of us – up and down the macro and micro scale – simply all of One in One as One!

      Church. no more needed: church!

      You have put me in one of those “moments” where the world is turning somewhere – but these words are me and Him – in His time o’clock! Thank you!

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      • Thank you Paul, you’re very kind. I don’t mean to be a comment bomber, but remember the guy I was telling you about named “Tony” who streams his worship live? He provides a great example: There are two very large local churches in that town. One is Tony’s and one is of the same doctrinal tradition, but on the other side of twon. That one is quite traditional while Tony’s is more on the “radical” side of things. The more traditional one likes to take pot shots at Tony. The other one reaches the more educated, affluent “professional” crowd; Tony’s reaches the more downtrodden sorts; both teach the same thing, but in completely different ways. What is Tony’s response to the pot shots? He says, “The Lord casts a broad net, and none of us can handle all the fish by ourselves.” I’m guessing that’s why we are a Body, each with different parts, all working together.


        • Comment bombing? If ever I was to find out a later point that you had those words for this moment – and not added them here as you have – as few as you have – in such a beautiful way … I would be really upset! Thank you!

          And thank you as well for “Tony” – such a wise response. Oh that we all figure that one out before taking pot shots!! And oh that we remember his response if someone does!

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    • Nice Don. That is why I like having blogging friends with lots of words. I amsort of like Joe Friday, if anybody remembers him. “Just the facts, ma’am.” That is exactly what I meant to say! Seriously, I really appreciate you fleshing that out Don, as meanings do tend to get lost when it’s just words on a screen.

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      • Wally – I never find words a problem. But to find words from you that Don finds from you and then “fleshes out” as you both mean – that leaves me WOWED! (and I suspect I am not alone)! That is the Body beating with rude health!

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  3. Just catching up and was going to comment on your last post but decided to do it here instead. You said in the last post, “What “resource” could this slice of Church become?”

    The church should be a safe place for encouragement and building one another up, whether in a local church or bloggy one, 1 Cor.14:26 is a good outline.

    “How is it then, brethren? Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification.” (1 Cor.14:26)

    To me as a senior pastor, it’s a beautiful thing when a local church can do this because it has the advantage of personal interaction, equipping and local activation. It becomes a missional community, the “boots on the ground” if you will, to the region where it has been called to serve. This is has been our goal at our local church.

    A bloggy church “slice” does very well in the edification and safe place department. It can be a great place of encouragement. The goal (in all slices of Church) being that all are honestly seeking the unity of the faith so that we can all grow up into Christ, edifying one another in love (Eph.4:11-16).


    • Hiya Mel – and thank you. There has been a spontaneous “drawing together” (as happens so often in church by any name/place). And there has alos been a drawing together that “bloggy church” is just church, just as “local church” is just church. And if HE is missing then it is a social club – no matter where that takes place either.

      Local church is relationship, fellowship, community, touching real people. Oddly that seems to be what we do here as well. Church as a verb. Now that is a beautiful thing! 🙂

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