Sheol and Gehenna and Hades (Oh My!)

John begins with one very simple question: “Is hell a part of the Gospel (Good News)?”

My reaction: Why have I never thought to ask that question? Why have I never seen others ask that question? Why do we ask so few “hard” questions?

Why the reblog? We need people like John not just because he asks the question. We need John because he comes to a conclusion using The Bible – mine and yours – in a way I have done. In a way I have not seen before. And yet still leaves me the freedom to journey with him or not.

Christian INTP

I read a question somewhere several months ago and have been researching it since. The question was: Is hell a part of the Gospel (Good News)? First, I wanted to define the meaning of hell I’ve been taught most of my life as a reference point, then I’ll state what I’ve found by researching the Bible.
The traditional meaning of hell I was taught centered around: a place of everlasting, conscious fiery torment where any human that dies without becoming a Christian will end up. The exact methodology of this process was always a shifting target though. Even after the initial salvation experience, there was a host of other mandates to follow to increase the coverage of the fire insurance policy. The very word hell became associated with fire and brimstone and feelings of absolute dread and despair. This led to all kinds of confusion for me growing up as I struggled to figure…

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