that time of year

Dear SandS or PandP as I think of you … Someone gave me these words yesterday. I think they are for you today:

“When you pray you give your heartbeats, your own breath, your very own life in those moments. When you pray for others you are sacrificing yourself for them in those moments. You are sacrificing your own life to God for “them” in those moments. You might or might not know “them” personally. Yet in trust, in complete faith that He is listening, that He cares, that He Loves – you bring your sacrifice in Love. And Love connects.

And then they added: In almost every occasion in the Gospels – either the person themselves (or someone who loved them) asked Jesus for help. Do you think God Soft Hands Jesus likes being asked?

And then they added: The lady who was bleeding. She touched Jesus’ cloak. And in the middle of a chaotic crowd pressing in on Him and the disciples, Jesus stopped and asked “Who touched me?” She “stole power” without asking. And Jesus had to make it “right with her” – allow her to “know” that was okay and that she was healed. He had to ask her to reveal herself there and then – or else she would forever more have doubted.”

I have just given my life for you asking in Love. Others who read this and pray for you will give their lives asking in Love for you. You are “good enough” for me and each one who does. And we are always “good enough” for each other. I know. You will. You already are.

Happy Birthday


My birthday is coming up this week. Every single year I do a countdown to my birthday like I am about 6 years old and I genuinely do love my birthday. I don’t know anyone else my age that gets excited like I do. Yet every single year without fail I ruin it. In the back of my mind I kind of understand but I have never ever dealt with what happened on my 12th birthday. I have never uttered a word to anyone about it and I don’t know if I ever will. Perhaps me being excited is somehow my way of overdoing it to make it okay or something. I am not sure. But needless to say I have successfully ruined it again for this year by having a freak out, being a complete b!tch and then getting what I apparently “deserved”. I am clearly not suppose…

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