A Tough day in the Life: Living with Schizophrenia

A post like this makes me reassess “labels”. You make me reassess labels.

This post describes stuff so many I know personally would not take on (and me with great trepidation), and would probably have the screaming abdabs over as they (and I) did, and details a persistence and professionalism anyone would read and be in awe of (me included).

It not only describes human endeavour at its best, then you touch on relationship between a couple wonderfully, and plonk “life as we meet it” perfectly on the page. This is brilliant. No labels needed.

And that is the reason I am re-blogging this.

A Journey With You

Yesterday I was exhausted. I was so tired and beat.

I wrote a letter to Cosmopolitan about this article. 

The article is about a woman who has bipolar disorder and she has a psychotic episode and walks herself and her niece and nephew into on-coming traffic. They all die. The mother of the two children that died was the mentally ill woman’s twin sister. The article says the mother of the children has forgiven her sister and has started an advocacy organization to raise awareness about mental illness. The article uses a sensational headline, and of course, the mentally ill woman in the story committed a murder/suicide.

I pointed out the stereotypes in the article, the sensational title, and asked Cosmo if they really wanted to contribute to the stigma already surrounding mental illness. I also asked them to do a fair and balanced story of someone living successfully with…

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