In Love We Trust…

Dear Dr Phil 🙂

I hope you won’t mind me pinging this as a reblog. Because I read this after writing a bunch of words today and saw just one thing crying out to be heard: “one-one rules!”

Like as in – when we get caught up in the “corporate stuff” is that a distraction, a help or “all there is”? When we fidget about “church” – ditto. When we “ponder” so much – ditto.

Kind of knocked out and (as Melissa says) sense we are “on the same train”!

Thank you ((hugs))

The Postmodern Mystic

ring-for-wedding“I still LOVE him/her, but I just can’t TRUST her/him anymore…”

So often I have heard these words. So many tears, so many hearts broken when trust and love become sundered from one another.

Why is there such anguish? Why is there such pain?

Because this is impossible. Because people cannot do what cannot be done. We cannot love what we do not trust. We cannot trust what we do not love.

When we try, we cram the heart and soul into a contorted dimension, a false condition, a form of self-denial, that does not fit and never can. Like trying to wend our way through the stairways of an Escher Drawing, we pass through some mobius portal of feelings that leave us turned inside out, vulnerable, and exposed.

When we first begin to fall in love… that’s SO scary.

Why? Why is that so fearful?

Because we risk. We…

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