No one comes … (IV) – Batman time :-)

And that is why this stuff is so crucial.

You are not working for Me. You are Me. And I am you. We become One. There is no “off duty” there is no “at work”. There is none of that.

Can you switch off being Paul and become someone else? Maybe on the outside. But on the inside? You know you are “faking it”, “working it”, “doing the public face” thing. You are still Paul. Just the Paul you think you should be in that moment. The Paul who wants to save everyone, and in the process can’t even save “yourself”.

Look at Me, Paul …

Do you see a public and private face? Do you see Me “working it”, “faking it”, doing all the “stuff” you all do for Me?

Being saved is a pile of pooh. It gets in the way. It is a stopper. It makes you something you are not. It makes you a split personality: I know I am a sinner – but I am saved!! I know I am saved – and I know you are not. We are us – and you are them. I know I am going to heaven – why do I have to put up with this cruddy life now.

Did you ever see that in Me?

Picking up a cross is not something you “do” – it is what you are – how you are – who you “are”. Carrying a heavy burden is not something you do – you either are – or you are not. It is not sacrifice, or suffering – that is outside in and inside out – that is “work”: you go to it – you come back from it.

That greatest commandment – the “Love thing”? Do you work at Love, make perfect love better, improve on Love … ? Or do you just “love” as best you know how?

Paul, you become Me when you are “saved”. You allow Me. You surrender. BUT not you to me. YOU surrender to YOU in Me. That makes you “you” – you will be always be you – BUT that allows Me to be you.

So this is NOT a job. This is NOT work. This is NOT anything other than “being you in Me you in you and Me in you”. You cannot “switch off”, have “downtime”, be different to one person and different to another. You just can’t! You cannot have a public face and a private face. We just can’t! What you can be is “YOU” – and ALWAYS allow others to be their own “YOU” as well. Just how much of all the crap and abuse and fighting and “righteous” rightness all around … how much would that stop in a heartbeat?

This is really simple. No pondering required.

Being YOU is who YOU are and always will be. So will I. Always one-one. Always.

So …

Any chance you could all cut the noise, stop trying to improve on perfect, stop trying to save trillions …

And just get back to one-one?


5 thoughts on “No one comes … (IV) – Batman time :-)

  1. “Being saved is a pile of pooh.” What a sound bite! LOL!
    What you’re describing is exactly how the Trinity works. Called “perichoresis”–union without loss of personal distinction. The Father and the Son are one, but they aren’t the same Person. The same is true with us and God. We are one with Him, yet we are still who we are. 🙂


    • “perichoresis” ?
      Please dear Father, never call me to theology college or seminary (but I value the thoughts of all who have)! 🙂
      I still am not sure where He is going with this one. I do know it is an interesting ride. And this piece was a complete surprise.


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