No one comes … (IV)

“The last mile”

Isn’t that what they say? “The last mile” is always the most dangerous. It is when you are tired, back amongst “familiar” surroundings, “almost there” – and the focus goes a little blurry – auto pilot kicks in – and allows thoughts of getting through the front door, kicking off those boots, brewing a lovely cuppa, sliding into that cosy armchair …

Hundreds of miles, unfamiliar roads, far from home – and that last mile is the most dangerous. No different to any other mile. Just what we do in our head with that last mile. It’s what we do with it.

Imagine you are Me for a moment, Paul. You read the bible, you know what was coming to Me. You have the same insight now as I did then. You are closer to “God” in Me than any of the disciples who walked with Me. You are more “God” than ever they could be. So imagine you are Me. Because you are. Almost.

Just how would you “get Your message across”? How would you “save” everybody? What would you do differently to what you read in the gospels? In other words: how would improve on Me?

WoW, Lord! Talk about a gentle chat! I am not sure I can, would, or even try …

That is not what I see and hear in “us”. What I see and hear in “us” is your search for that elusive “magic bullet”. The one that will save “everybody”! How to write better, how to “reach” better, where to “work” better, what “niche” to focus on, how to use the bible “better”, how to hear others “better”, how to be a better God (for want of a better description). You spend a lot of time thinking about that kind of stuff. Or am I hearing you wrong … ?

Your hearing is fine. Only that I never thought about it like that before. Which bugs me a little now you mention it.

You are not alone. So many want to “be better” – be perfect – be more than you are. My problem is not that you want to be “better”. My concern is the internal noise you make, the amount of energy you invest, the time you waste “thinking”.

You ever done one of the “man hour” things, Paul? When something is being costed, and all the “man hours” are calculated: it took a trillion man-hours to put one just man on the moon. That kind of “man-hours”.

My calculation is a trillion zillion “man-woman-hours” for one man-woman to NOT figure out this “magic bullet” … magic formula – the perfect way – the only way – that will “save everyone”. You are still Me, Paul. Now hear all that internal noise, all that energy, all that time!

You call it “kingdom work”, you call it “discernment”, you call it passion. Well Paul – still as Me – I look at My disciples and chuckle: bread, bread, bread! Now look at this HUGE waste of time and energy … it’s hard to chuckle in the same way – don’t you find?

“Lukewarm” springs to mind, Lord. The complacency and comfort with You, with living, with “church”, with the social club of meeting together … I have always tut-tutted at that …

Yet, Lord … ?

Yet, Lord … … … … …

Yet, Lord …. “Right now I am pretty pissed-off! I try and “hear” how to draw people towards you better! And You are saying it’s a waste of time … ” kind of pissed-off?

Pissed-off!  Lukewarm is bad. So this is the opposite – good!

Come back to Me, Paul: do you not hear all that noise? Do you not feel all the wires running hot? Can you not yet sense the amount of energy being “given to Me” – all in order to go absolutely nowhere?

When you “came to Me”, when “I saved you”, when you became a “Christian”, when you were assured of “eternal life”, when you now had “heaven ahead” in your backpack, when you were among familiar people also “saved”, now you are among people who are also saved “but not in the right way”, amongst others who are “lukewarm”, amongst others who can’t read the bible the way you can, all pushing and shoving and looking for the “magic bullet” to save “everyone” …

Once you are “saved” it so easily becomes your own “last mile”.

You stop looking at the map, you stop looking for the road signs, you “know your way home”, and all the distractions creep in, all the internal noise, all the other “traffic on the road” cutting you up, driving too fast, driving too slow, getting in your way. And all the while that is going on – you are pondering how to make the “perfect car” that everyone will want to drive (for Me – obviously).

You spend so much time thinking about how you would improve on Me.

I need to ponder that awhile, Lord.

Why? What is to “ponder”? How many of us are here right now, Paul? That’s right – you and Me. One-one. Personal and intimate. Just the two of us. It always is just one-one. Always.

I preach to trillions? I am speaking to one person at a time. I speak to the disciples? I am speaking to each one alone. And right now this second with you? One on One in One. It can only ever be one person at a time. So what’s to ponder?

It’s just that is too …

Simple? Let me ask you something, Paul: this “being saved” malarkey … just how “different” does it make you in comparison to the whole of creation?

Because all I see, so often, is that it becomes your “last mile” – all of you walking your own “last mile”. And all watching each other – telling Me how they are getting in your way – how they are getting in everyone’s way – that they are not “walking properly” – not like you (obviously)! The “last mile” is the most dangerous part of your entire journey.



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