Jesus does “small potatoes”

Church Set Free

That cry of desperation … “But you have to believe me!” That cool response of doubt … “Give me one good reason why I should.” The tiffs of lust! Timeless and universal.

The Lust phase of Love is exciting! Passion on steroids! A storm of highs and lows anyone who has been Lust Full remembers forever. Oddly – the “lows” are usually just another trigger for a “high”! And then Love creeps in and the lows become a trigger to wipe the memory of the highs … and if Real Love of the unconditional kind survives and thrives … then Life is for Living and Loving!

You must believe me!

As a reason for trusting anyone – that reason comes fairly low on my own list for living. Which brings me to Jesus. And his miracles. And all that healing. Some with the touching – the laying on of hands…

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