The Chosen People

Church Set Free

I have always been intrigued by “genealogy” – the Family Tree bit I get. It is the “bloodline stuff” which intrigues me – the “percentages” bit:

I am quarter Irish … I have one eighth Alien in me you know … my mother’s mother’s cousin’s step-brother’s illegitimate sister was Royalty you know (if only she was legitimate!) …

How does “that” make any difference to how we each live right now today? Other than bestow some form of weird ”entitlement” we wish we had, or some excuse for our behaviour we think we need? Does that explain something of why we are what we are? Forces beyond our control creeping into our DNA? All that “history and culture” (or absence of) tripping us up as we do our best each day? What “I could have been” … if only …

Here in good old England – we still have blue…

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