Pray the impossible

Pray the impossible.

How often do we pray the impossible and believe? This “miracle stuff” we all give lip service to. Dear God, if you think it – so it will be. Amen.

This post has been on my mind for some time. This morning He drew me to the final objection I had held onto. And allowed me to finally agree. OK dear Father, let’s do this.

I am praying the impossible with you.

The impossible is a bus that works, a bus that is reliable. A bus that will “do what it says on the tin” – just “be a bus” – a working bus.

This is why (video produced back in October 2014):

Of the three buses mentioned, one is now “scrap”. Another is grounded because the fuel tank leaks and it is not allowed on the road. And the third? Well, one bus cannot be in three places at once.

Local churches? They fund the operating costs. Donations and donors, grants and local councils, anyone the charity can approach with a funding application … that funds the replacement and customisation of “a new bus”.

What is a new bus? The “end of life vehicle” to a commercial bus company. Someone else’s cast off. A vehicle that will inevitably drain resources in time and money to “keep it on the road”. Three vehicles increasingly shifting the focus of Bar n Bus away from “where and who” with locations and youngsters – away from “where is the need” – and increasingly to “how will we, how much is it, will it be running, can it get there, will that bus be able to …”.

I see despondency behind the smiles. I see fear behind the bravado. I see pain under the team talks and debriefs.

I see no one “praying the impossible”.

So this is a funding request. A one-off donation. A regular donation. A massive sum, a small sum. A sum when pooled I pray will be “impossible” to imagine right now. I thought £3,000.00 for a new fuel tank. He laughed. I said £30,000.00 then Lord? He was silent. £50,000.00? That is a big number but maybe possible. He just looked at me with those sad eyes. Yep, Lord I am praying for what I hope is possible.

£100,000.00? And He smiled. Because my head says that is impossible. That will never happen. We could never ever make that happen. And He smiled. OK Lord: £100,000.00 it is. I am praying the impossible.  Thank you.

Here is how:

“Go Fund Me” will deduct approximately 7-9% of your donation. Every donation processor, every financial institution will charge a processing fee. Which means over 90% of everything you offer is “making the impossible” happen. I am curious.  I know He can.  I think He knows you can.  But I have never asked the impossible before.

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Pray the impossible

    • Dear Tom, I think this one of those I “know about” – and He is inviting me closer – much closer. He is inviting me to “know”.
      I have seen two youngsters – married, now with three children. They come on the bus, have a chat, show us their family. They use to be “these youngsters” – rowdy, noisy, full of energy, up to mischief. And – like us all – they grow up.
      I do not know of anything else that says “this is God” better than the bus:
      We are here every week, every year, always. That is God. This is God. Permanent. Safe. Fun. And just for you – always.
      And when they are ready, He is ready – and we are delighted.
      Thank you!

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    • Whoa Julie! Way behind the conversations! Sorry. And learning the praying the impossible is a whole new learning curve! Rattled a few cages, done a lot of pondering, chatting with Him on and off, and still no closer to “knowing” 🙂


  1. Wow…man. Trusting for the impossible is such a brain job sometimes. There are a few things in my life that are near if not literally impossible, but yet they are so needed. Another encouraging post Paul, I would love to hear the outcome of this fundraiser! Will also pray!


    • Wow indeed! Thank you Josh. Love that phrase: a brain job. Sums it up really well.
      Really well!! 🙂
      Your comment here is triggering another post as I type this. Three weeks on, almost, and the “brain job” shows no sign of letting-up.


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