Church? Is it a building, is it a plane, is it a …

Church Set Free

I always remember my father saying how amazing it was. That in the span of his father’s lifetime manned flight for the first time and manned flight to the moon had both happened. From a few tentative feet above ground to orbiting another chunk of the universe. That is truly amazing. We are truly amazing. Each of us.

The (latest) mass shooting in Oregon yesterday was reported here as front page news. We have become familiar with mass shootings in the US. Familiar with the same hackneyed debate. The same well-worn inaction. The belief that sacrifice of a few (or many) on the altar of “freedom” is merely unfortunate. Truly amazing in its incomprehensibility.

Yet the number of people wiped out in driving accidents each year goes by without a murmur. The deaths and injuries bemoaned from time to time, but (essentially) simply a by-product of personal freedom to get…

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