Are two words better than one? (wow!!)

I rarely do this. But here goes:

One word becomes two. Which is better? (Are two words better than one?)

“The Church” is an institution, “Church” is not.

That came from a comment Susan Irene Fox made under another post:

Susan Irene Fox on October 6, 2015 at 4:58 pm said
So – right! I think we all abhor labels, yet throw them around without a thought. The Church, while an institution, is made up of individuals who are not well, who are lost, and while maybe those individuals admit that inside the four walls, sometimes the admission does not extend to outside.
We must all be ready to admit we are lost. It is in our “lostness” we can be found. It is in our “lostness” we allow ourselves to be embraced by unconditional love and grace. It is in our “lostness” we raise our eyes and arms to our Father so He can pick us up and tell us we are His beloved. No labels, just children of God.

Paulfg on October 7, 2015 at 7:50 am said
The Church is an institution. Church is not.
(wow! He took me on a journey of two words this morning: faith and The Faith. I had no idea why. Yet he never wastes anything. And after writing that, I come here and write this: “The Church” and “Church”.)
I have never seen that distinction as clearly as right now. And would not have done had you not made this comment, and had I not, and had He not ….
Off to have a chat with GSHJ!! Thanks Susan!! ((hugs))

Posted in – Jesus makes a point to make a point

Faith and Church … or … The Faith and The Church … ?

Maybe “the” is belief.  Maybe “no the” is relationship.

Over to you (again).

Thank you.


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