Does that make sense?

Fellowship. How does this bring me/us closer to God?

“Closer” – what does that mean. “Bring me” – how does that happen? “God” – what is God, how is God, who is God? Definition after definition. Sub-clause after sub-clause. Agreement and disagreement. Divine inspiration or dodgy evidence. Belief and faith or codswallop and fairy stories.

Whichever way you look at it, belief is the one common theme throughout all this “God and fellowship” stuff. Even the devil, the satan, the dark one, the slayer, believes in God. Or he would not have a problem with God. Kind of like us. We have a problem with God – all the isms and ists and ologies.

Our fellowship this morning began in Luke. A short passage: Luke 12:1-7 (the bit that finishes with five sparrows and two pennies and the hairs on our head counted and known to our Heavenly Father).

And in the middle? “But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him!”

Don’t know about you but “after he has killed” caused my eyebrows to raise a little. “Love is always the answer“ … apparently not!

“Check it out, Paul.”

Whoa! Loads of stuff! And loads of variants and different suggestions. Mainly people seem cool with “fear” and “God” – which seems to allow “after he has killed” to slip through either unchallenged (he’s God – what else do you expect), or an explanation of fear as a good thing (he’s God – what else do you expect).

I don’t expect much.  Just that Love is always the answer.

So He and me ambled this morning. Here and there – there and here. Did you know that “kill” appears 445 times in the bible, “love” – 686 times, “hate” – 127 times, “God“ 3995 times, and “Jesus” 1310 times? Nor did I.

Did you know that Jesus appears 1310 times in the New Testament and 0 (zero) times in the Old Testament? Nor did I.

Hang on a minute … O (zero) times in the Old Testament? Crap! What does that do to my credibility … none, no, nil, zilch, nada … ?

And He let me run free on that one – that seems so much more important than “after he has killed”. And now – writing up this amble – I am left with one question: why?

Why is “finding” Jesus in the OT so much more important this morning than the taking of life? The taking of life by the same Friend who is Love. Because however much I chew this bible to bits, wordsearch, Google search, … turn up some very weird and wonderful (and always diverse) commentaries (to the point of opposites) … no matter how much I do that …

Does that protect my “christian street-cred” – or actually bring me closer to God?

BTW – apparently it’s okay about the “nil Jesus in the OT”. Someone has discovered a code embedded in the original. Needed a computer to find it, and requires counting forwards an agreed number of letters (521 letters is mentioned in one proof-theory). But there is Jesus – all over the place.  Others have found that “salvation” as used in the OT is spelt the same in Hebrew as the original form of Jesus (if I followed the evidence properly).

BTW – others call all that “BS” (just for the sake of being even-handed).

“I love watching you work, Paul.”

And the chuckle in His voice as He said that?  THAT goes beyond belief. THAT goes beyond evidence.  That is LOVE: I am – He is – We are – Together.

Because if I love a Lord and Father who is happy for me to paddle and splash in puddles, who allows me to run around in ever decreasing circles, who will sit with me and look over my shoulder as I do – not a word of criticism – not a frustrated intake of breath as I do – and who just chuckles with unconditional love when I end up back at square one (none the wiser and still without an answer) …

THAT has just brought me closer to God – My God – this all embracing, eternal, unconditional love. A love that MUST allow others. That MUST embrace others. That MUST include others.  Or how can I be allowed?

What have I learned this morning?  Not much.  Not “theologically”.

Just this.

That I am now closer to God for this morning’s amble. And that is fellowship

(does that make sense?)


9 thoughts on “Does that make sense?

  1. “That I am now closer to God for this morning’s amble. And that is fellowship.”
    Yup, that’s the heart of it all, Paul. God wants our Fellowship, however we may wander to engage in it. 🙂 Blessings.

    • Spot on! Odd thing about this morning. As I began writing this up I was wrapped up in the numbers. And it was only halfway through this post that He “put it all together” – and the penny dropped and the point was made – that realisation was pure Him!

  2. Yep, it makes all right. And being closer to God as a result? Well, I guess that’s really the point of the exercise.
    You might amusing, and by all means edit this out if you want…
    One day when I was a college student, I was at work on an unusually quiet Tuesday morning. Since my work was done, I was reading a scholarly article on Biblical Hebrew Numerology, the point of which was to “prove” that Richard Nixon was The Antichrist. It was so thorough, so detailed… and so convincing, it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. As I was reading the last paragraph, there was a presence in the doorway, then a voice. I looked up as Richard Nixon was saying, “Hey, it’s about time for lich; Mexican sounds good to me, how about you?”
    That freaked me out.
    But then of course he was there because we always went out for lunch on Tuesdays, and Mexican was both our favorites; you see I was his assistant in those days. Long before our food came, I decided that Numerology was crap. Of course I could wrong about that 

    • What a story, and “perfect timing” 🙂
      More and more as He is guiding me through “fellowship” He is becoming more “focused”. Hard to easily describe. Sometimes a tiny detail. And at other times, like here, halfway through writing this post. Sometimes “counter intuitive” and othertimes – again like here – after I think I have got it, He adds another layer, another dimension. What He is repeating over and over is Love, and also “body” (and I lose the usual “the” in front of that from previous “dimensions” between He and I). Body is church is fellowship is Love is fluid.
      The Body is The Church … Seems like a pre-fab. Ready made “the” boxes I must fit into. Hence fellowship is body is church is love is fluid. Or Love is church is fellowship is fluid is body.
      “The” gets in the way. The faith. The Christian Life. Someone else’s design. Three letters – the same number as God. And used more than God. And keeping us from relationship – maybe.
      Now about your dining partner … Watcha both have for lunch? 🙂

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