Testimony: The Gift Of Healing (It’s All About Love)

“Let’s just LOVE how He loved, which is absolutely surreal and impossible. But, all things are possible through Christ (right????!!!).”

When I read a post which makes me change my mind at least three times during the reading – no, maybe, yes – it’s a post worth sharing. And having reblogged, I am going to read this again. Thank you.


Elena & Gal

I believe that, as Christians, we should pursue God’s spiritual gifts, so that we could minister to people about God’s power and love through them. I wanted to share with you what specific gift I’ve been praying about for the past few months.

The gift I am talking about is the gift of healing. Ever since I was a child and watched videos of Reinhard Bonnke in Africa (if you’ve never heard of him, do check him out), I was fascinated with the miracles of healing. I also watched my own father recover from a brain injury when the  prognosis from the point of view of medical science was hopeless and negative. So, after watching a lot of videos of Todd White (one of my favorite evangelists) and seeing him at the Awakening Europe conference in Germany, I was even more inspired. I realised that the gift of healing is something…

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