“Secret Santa Blog Day: II”

All Christians know what weekly worship in church is.

Or do we?

I have a curiosity. I would like to understand better what it means to each of us: that hour or so when we gather to worship – the Body of Christ – in a place (which may/may not be) known as church.

I am curious. What does worship, in this context, mean to you? Is it as universally understood as we all assume? Is it important – and why (or why not)?

Just me being curious.

Earlier this year (May 2015) a number of us took part in a “Secret Santa Blog Day”: we each wrote a post … all were emailed to me … I “approved” the posts (checked there is no abusive language, etc). Then I emailed each contributor a post written by someone else (no names were given). Each person taking part had agreed the following: no editing, no spellchecking, no changing the post in any way. Then we all published “our” post as our own on the same day. The only common factor was that each post carried the title given by the author with the suffix: “Secret Santa Blog Day” (e.g. “Why is love always the answer? – Secret Santa Blog Day”). And then the following day “who wrote what” was published on this blog.


Each person who blogs has those who like and follow. Each blogger has a preferred style. Some have many followers, others a few. Yet we are all “the body of Christ”. This is an opportunity to allow your readers a different style. A Secret Santa Blog Day is simply the chance for those who like what you write, to read something you haven’t written (without it being obvious who has written it). Which allows those who “write good” to be read by others unconnected to them (just as it allows you to be read by those unconnected to you). So we all make new connections (and have a lovely conversation doing it).

For this second Secret Santa, the topic is “Church and Worship”

If you would like to take part (publish date is: Wednesday 9th December 2015), please leave a comment below or drop me an email. Closing date for “I am interested” is Sunday 1st November. And if you want to reblog this post (and increase the number reading this invitation) – please do.

Thank you.



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