Let’s PRAY for Rod Parsley

Wally Fry has written a post that touched me right down inside. I have no idea who Rod Parsley is (nor Benny Hinn). And maybe that helps.

My question is “why?”

Why should knowing (or at least assuming a knowing) dictate whether in times of suffering we decide if someone is “worthy” of our prayers and love?

Please read this post. I hope it moves you as well. Thank you.

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The Isaiah 53:5 Project


Photo: Charisma News

Before I get into the actual content of this post, there are a couple of small points I want to make. And I also want to say that this post is NOT about these points. In other words, if you feel compelled to comment and debate the points, go right ahead. But, you will be talking yourself, because the post isn’t about that. Are you with me so far?

Point 1. I am a staunch cessasionist. Meaning I believe the Bible teaches that the miraculous spiritual manifestation gifts have been done away with and no longer apply to us today

Point 2. God has never stopped being God. He can still do anything He wants to do, at any time He wants to do it. If God wants grass to grow purple, it will grow purple.

Rod Parsley has cancer. Here would be a quick summary…

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