“Secret Santa Blog Day: II” – Final Call

Interest in taking part in the second Secret Santa has been patchy: three lovely people so far.

The closing date for registering your interest is tomorrow, 1st November.

If you missed the invitation: here it is

The publication date is 9th December – that is over a month from now.  The topic is “Worship”. The fun is in your post published on another’s blog, and someone’s post published on you blog.

You have no time – have you “no time” for Him (or no time for another “Him” on Your blog)?  You are nervous – have your comfort zones reached a “this far but no farther” God?  You can’t think what to write – who does the writing, You or Him through you?

I am curious.

Why is the interest in this community of self-proclaimed-God-Loving-post-loving-I-love-God-bloggers so absent?

Does that sound like a rant?  It is  🙂

Thank you –



2 thoughts on ““Secret Santa Blog Day: II” – Final Call

  1. Hi
    Am I too late? I have been late a lot lately? I have a post I would like to submit for the Secret Santa. I think it fits the topic. If you will let me submit a late entry, i will send it as soon as I see your reply.
    Let me know.
    Lots of love

    • Hi Julia – wonderful!! Really wonderful, thank you!
      I will email you and give you some background, the “format” and “structure” is changing – the theme and topic is not. If that makes any sense at all! 🙂

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