I Am. Are you?

How often have you tried to explain something to someone? A concept, an idea, a new way of thinking …

How often do you find you seem to speaking a foreign language? The blank look, that  moment the light bulb goes on – wired to a different circuit … ?

Why is it that once “I have got it” – everything then drops into place, and everything makes perfect sense? And why is it that until that happens – nothing makes sense?

I have that happen a lot. I used to get really frustrated (now I just get frustrated). 

I was reading a few verses this morning – when one of the “hard verses” slid in unannounced. One of those “Really Jesus … you really think this will win votes?” verses:

Large crowds were traveling with Jesus, and turning to them he said: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple. And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:25-27

Gotta be a hater! Gotta hate your own flesh and blood! Gotta hate yourself! Gotta be in pain from that big splintery tree on your shoulders! Gotta stagger with the pain! Gotta hate yourself and everyone in this “Lost World”!!

Where is my “love is always the answer”? Where is our nice clean sanitised fluffy “Jesus”? How does this sit with “pumping up the crowds” to “believe in themselves” as “unique precious creations” – to be “saved and pure”?

How does this fit?

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

He took me on a meander. Showed me what Luke was trying to get across. What He was trying to get across. And so I read Chapter 14 back and forth.  Let me tell you what I saw:

I saw us good and kindly souls listening to Jesus teach and preach – we love the context, we follow Him every place, we sit and listen everywhere. We love to listen to Jesus. Because He speaks “upside down” – He speaks of us downtrodden doing the treading – of us getting our reward in heaven – of us poor and sick being lifted up – of us meek and mild being strong – He speaks to all our soul-sapping, life-grinding, generation after generation “This Is How It Is People” jaded living we have to accept.  And Jesus flips and clips and turns all that upside down for us – the people.

And we The People (the downtrodden, meek, poor, trodden upon) … WE REALLY GET IT!!  We are going to be the treaders, the treaders-upon, the ones who are finally noticed, the ones now with a thing or two to say, us who will now be listened to! We are no longer “meek and mild” – we are “off the leash and wild” – wahoo!

And Jesus goes: No that’s not quite it.

So we end up with another take on the same “getting it” issue: Okay Jesus – got it this time: we have to hate anyone who does not love You, and we have to hate ourselves because we are not worthy – we are crappy sinners!  We gotta be haters!

And Jesus goes: No that’s not quite it either.

This morning I empathise. I recall all those moments when someone I love dearly goes “ahhhhh – I’ve got it!”, and I reply: No that’s not quite it.

What if I was to say “I think I have got it” this morning?

What if I was to say that having got it, I see in this “hard verse” Jesus trying just another picture. A picture that actually says – when you think you have figured out what “upside down” really is … well – it’s not.

A picture that says – stick with Me, get inside Me, let Me get inside you, let’s breathe the same air, taste the same food, sleep the same dreams. A picture that says – this is not head stuff – this is heart and head and soul and every fibre of your being stuff.

A picture that says – BE rather than DO.

A getting it that be-comes Me and you and us. That be-comes being. Not another list of “how to” – we are way beyond that!  We get to being. To simply being … “I Am”.

Okay God – got that.  One question: how do I get there?

(and so we go around again with another picture – another story – another “no that’s not quite it”)

This morning – I Am.

Are you?


7 thoughts on “I Am. Are you?

  1. Each of us who are seeking and learning, mature at different paces and so it is with our own understanding of scripture. Sometimes my light bulb lights up and sometimes it’s pretty dim. I believe the Bible is also called the “living Word” because while it is consistent in its (God) teaching, it breathes into us new meaning as we experience life with all its suffering and joy. And sometimes maybe we don’t “get it” because it is not time to get it. It it always intentional that Jesus takes us on a “meander.” It’s the “harder ” passages that make us go deeper, make us question and seek answers, makes us return again and again with our longing for a revelation, with the expectation of knowing our Lord personally. I believe Jesus gave us the parables not to simplify or clarify, but rather to make us scratch our heads and really go deeper in order to find truth and purpose.

    Thank you, Paul. Today I have gone a little “deeper” into Luke 14. and have had to re-examine just what it is to “hate” all those things that can easily become first in our lives. But to answer your question…..I Am.~ Love and hugs, Dale


    • Hiya Dale, and what a thoughtful comment – I love it! Thank you!! Everything you say I have also found. And even one verse “changes” over the months and years. A bit more, a bit less, something new, something completely new! So I like your thinking on parables. So much more fun than “this is piece one, and piece two, and piece three …”

      I Am – thank you for that as well. I like that in you ((hugs))


  2. So . . . I’ve been MIA so I’m not sure what is exactly meant by all the I Am references. In my perspective it would mean that we are receiving the identity Christ gave us in John 14 when He says that He is in the Father (the great I Am) and the Father is in Him and He is in us (vs 20). Is there more?

    I love this: A picture that says – stick with Me, get inside Me, let Me get inside you, let’s breathe the same air, taste the same food, sleep the same dreams. A picture that says – this is not head stuff – this is heart and head and soul and every fibre of your being stuff.

    Amen and Amen. SO tired of religion and striving. SO joyful about relationship and rest and productivity from a place of empowerment and BEing.


    • I Am? I am of I Am in and with I Am (sort of gets to be a roller that keeps on rolling). Nice and simple – and ever so not (if you get my drift) 🙂

      Loved your post – and so real. So “relationship” and intimate! I wonder, could we ever think of religion as joyful relationship? Some days I almost get to that joyful place. And thank you for stopping by. I hope we get to read your relationship and “real” again and again. 🙂

      Thank you for your lovely warmth!


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