Circular arguments – or circles of Love?

Circular arguments. They always rotate. Without beginning or end. A circle. The same shape as a ring.  A ring. A token of love. A love without end. No beginning and no end. Two hearts beating as one (and all that stuff).  Relationship. Are we back to relationship again?

I thought He had done with me and this topic. Four posts. Not circular (although He took me on a centric journey). I thought He had answered my questions and doubts about “Prayers of Intercession” – filled me up with “this is why”.

And then He spoke through another.  I have not met Roland. Nor have I spoken with him. Not face-to-face. Not even on the telephone. So why do I love Roland like a brother?  How is it I feel connected to someone – feel great affection for – respect always … ?  Why – when Roland has been quietly absent and then returns … Why do I have such great joy?

Roland has been away. And has returned. Roland stopped by today. He left the comment below. And my Father spoke through Roland. And Roland wrote the seal on this circular argument. Roland formed this into a ring of eternal love:

When we have that intimate relationship with the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that IS God our Father, our spirits bear witness with Him AND with one another! What a gift from the Holy Spirit. Brother, we NEED to take the churchy masks off and bear our hearts FOR the Father AND for each other! You were certainly inspired brother!!! God KNOWS and SEES our hearts, we may put on a mask for each other, but there is no mask our Heavenly Father can’t see through. It’s long overdue that we who ARE the church start being honest with our hearts to each other!! Our Redeemer is coming back for a Bride (the CHURCH) that is heart-open and transparent! Brother, can’t say it enough, when we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, we ALL grow stronger and our gifts edify each other! Yours truly speaks through all the fluff cuts to the obvious (or at least what should be obvious) in our relationships!! Unconditional Love!! That is the whole purpose of “free will” and the best way to exercise it is to give up the FREE and surrender it to the Lord!!  God bless you exceedingly Brother!!! Great inspiration and something I am going to read again and let the Holy Spirit start chipping away some more!!! Praise God!!! Praise and Exalt HIS love and magnificence!!”   For God’s Love – in action: Pastor Roland Ledoux   

Now I am not blind. I see kind words. But …

Unconditional Love. Churchy Masks Off. For The Father And Each Other. Being Honest. We All Grow Stronger. Our Gifts Edify Each Other. Unconditional Love. That Is The Purpose Of Free Will … Exercise It!! Praise God. Praise And Exalt His Love And Magnificence!!

That is a war cry, a clarion call, a call to Love!  Unconditional Love.

I wear a wedding ring. A simple gold band. I have worn it for over three decades. It is slightly thinner. It is slightly worn. It is slightly less of a perfect circle than when new. But it remains a ring. It remains a ring of gold. It is as strong now as it ever was. It is me. My ring. It connects. It binds. It is my choice. It signifies so much more.

For this ring is not just me. That would be a pretence. A folly. A deceit. This ring is us. It is family. It is alive. It is Love. Unconditional Love. Tested Love. Real gritty, grindy, grace giving Love.  Together as one.  Each their own, and each as one.

We have a choice.

We can choose the ring of division. Or we can choose the ring of Love. Both are as strong as each other. Both are as long lasting. Both are real. Both live and breathe.

One will dismiss and extinguish. One will not. One will enhance and enchant. The other does not. One ring. One circular argument – or one unconditional love. That is the purpose of free will. Exercise it.

And now choose.

My brother Roland wrote part five. Little Monk wrote part four. You each wrote parts one two three. Because I hear God in so many.  We have a choice. I choose a call to Love. I choose to open the window and invite His Loving Power to embrace.  And I give my life – one prayer at a time.

My God showed me that. Through each one of you.

Thank you ((hugs))


7 thoughts on “Circular arguments – or circles of Love?

    • Well … now this might look like part five. But the title is not “part five”. The brewing is still brewing!! And Roland and the Lord are standing over the grounds at the moment 🙂

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