When words are not “words”

If this was the night of nights, the night of my last
A darkness begetting light, a darkness of putting right –
If this was the night of nights – present, future and past, 
Would I still fight your dogma, fired up with your last slight?

What then “a verse”, a “word” or “that phrase”?
What then a “dogma”, my ism or your “phase”?
Would I still then angst (as I angst when not my last)?
Would I still then accuse (as we do thick and fast)?

For THIS may well be this night when I cannot undo
My last of this earth – when no more then I can do.

If THIS was this night when my soul fled from you
Would “verse slice” I still – or breathe love … over you?

Heather Jenkins has not published a post since August this year.
Heather writes words.
And I mean “words”.

Heather showed me something important today.
That when words are not “words” …
They get in the way of God and Love and each other.

Thank you Heather
Inside Heather’s Head 


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