Vocation and calling

The Raptor!

The glorious day He day throws out the rubbish! Discards the crap and leaves behind the dross! All those bad people who have not listened to us, who have not agreed with us, who have not been convinced by our arguments, our insights, our walk with the Lord. Rapture Day is payback time!

“Where the corpse is, there the vultures will gather. There will be two women grinding meal together; one will be taken and the other left. I tell you, on that night there will be two in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. Remember Lot’s wife. Just as it was in the days of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man.” Luke 17:26-37

When we had our first child, we got a phone call a few days later: Ever considered life insurance, Paul? Well no – not really, I am young and healthy …

(what followed wasn’t said – but was “said”)

BUT WHAT IF YOU DIE!!! Who will look after your loved ones then? Do you REALLY love them if you are happy DYING and leaving them to STRUGGLE? Do you call that LOVE? (well – let me have a think and chat with my wife …) Don’t think TOO long – what if you DIED TONIGHT? How would THEY manage then?

Currently I am being shown the difference between calling and vocation.  I have never really distinguished between the two.

Because you get God and off you go and see if you can get others to get God!  Says that in The Bible: tell everyone about God – take the Good News to all the lands – make disciples – do all this stuff and you will get your reward in heaven.

Gotcha God – here I go (can you see me going God?)

I am learning there is a difference. Vocation is being. Who I am. How I breathe. What I breathe. Where I breathe. What I take in. What I expel. I am learning that Calling is “how”. Calling is a label of doing. It is using a basket of gifts. My basket. With real people. In real situations.

And that is where it gets tricky.  That’s when the arguments start.

The dusty peeps experienced the same thing ex-Jesus: Do we snip them or not snip them? We snip them – the bible says so. We don’t snip them – the bible says so. My bible is right. No my bible is right. No it’s not. Yes it is.

That – I am learning – is where we all fall apart. When we confuse “calling and vocation”.

Because every time I say “okay God, I am not resisting anymore – feed me the Calling”, He keeps introducing me to people who just won’t listen! And I have to keep listening to their “this is how we have always done it” … “my bible tells me this – we must snip – we must snip them all”!

He is forgiving of my errors.

And when I stop resisting he floods me with “stuff” (and then I scream again as another “do it this way – snip them all” comes my way).  My (current) calling is to become a “Local Preacher”. And there is a lot of admin, paperwork – “testing my calling”.

Arrrrrggggghhhhhh! Please God – take this from me!!!!!

Yet more and more I am finding it is not “testing my calling”. My calling could be making tea (and I would resist that – not good enough), speaking to thousands (ditto – too scary), trekking through a forest (ditto – that’s not me), sitting on a train (ditto – just what am I doing here?).

My “calling” is any label He chooses to stick on my forehead (for as long as He deems). And that will impact on others. Doing something or nothing always does.

And because – when we are “drawn together” – we will not always have a common purpose. And we WILL confuse vocation with calling – we will be CERTAIN that “He has spoken to me so this is how it must be” … we may even begin to act as if we are indispensable – we may tend to believe we ARE important – and we WILL grow into something (not necessarily what He desires) …

Others have an OBLIGATION to check my doing, my impacting, my “label”.

Calling (for me) is simply a label. And I have had many labels. Vocation (for me) is the important bit. That is the fuel to drive the rest.

And we can’t blame “the fuel” for our own road rage!

Can we?


3 thoughts on “Vocation and calling

  1. Most interesting. You’ve flopped me on my head, because I’ve swapped the words for the same definitions. But I think I hear your point. We must distinguish the two.The fuel with the vehicle. The fuel comes from the Spirit. It is the power to use the gifts I’ve been given. It is my everyday indwelling, heart connection to the One who created me. And if I lose that connection, don’t work on that intimate relationship, I lose the beingness I am meant to be. The calling becomes more about me and my reality, my interpretation of my calling and less about Him and the reason I have a calling in the first place.

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